Davendranand Sharma

Dr. Sharma has held several senior positions in mental health in the Caribbean following a Doctorate in Psychiatric Medicine (DM) from the University of the West Indies. He acquired experience of diverse cultures from training, presenting and working in many countries and developed good liaisons with health services of the Caribbean, UK and USA through research and work experiences. He has been a consultant to Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in a number of areas including mental health program assessment and recommendations and a PAHO consultant in Disaster management training for Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Dr. Sharma has presented at many international forums including Medical Education conferences. His research interests include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorders and substance abuse.

He has been in the Department of Behavior Science at Ross University as a part time faculty from July 1993 and then as a full time faculty from October 2000. A former Department Chair he is currently Professor of Behavior Sciences as well as a Clinical Module Director for the Behavior science program.