Michael Yakubovskyy

Dr. Mykhaylo Yakubovskyy is a Ukrainian citizen. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1981 from the Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine. He completed an Internship in Pathology at Clinical Municipal Hospital #2 in Jitomir-city, Ukraine in 1982 and continued his training at the position of a Junior Specialist Pathologist (Resident equivalent) at Vinnitsa Province Oncology Dispensary, Ukraine in 1982-1985. 1991, for research in the herbicide-induced changes in the endocrine system, Dr. Yakubovskyy was awarded Doctorial Candidate of Medical Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy) Degree in Pathology by Leningrad Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, St-Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Yakubovskyy held faculty appointments at Vinnitsa National Medical University (Ukraine), Moi University (Kenya), University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine (Seychelles). Before coming to Ross University he was a Professor of Pathology at Saba University School of Medicine, Netherland Antilles. He has particular interest, and research experience, in Radiobiology, Toxicology, Entersorption and Antioxidant Pharmacology. He has a great love for teaching and has been awarded Favorite Professor Award, Best Professor Award, Kid in Heart Award, and Best Faculty Advisor Award. He is a member of several local and international organizations including the European Society of Pathology, Group for Research in Pathology Education, International Association of Medical Science Educators, and an International Association for Medical Education (AMEE). Dr. Yakubovskyy is married with two children and is now resident in the Bahamas. His hobbies include classical music, history of religion, underwater photography, etc. He is currently the faculty advisor for Pathology Club at Bahamas Clinical Site.

Selected Publications

Iakubovskii MM, Pentyuk AA, Khmelnitskiy OK, Oliynik VN. Activity of peroxic oxidation in rat’s small intestine and its structural changes in condition of acute X-ray irradiation and treatment by combine antiradiation preparations. Radiat. Biol. and Radioec. 1997;3:366-71.

IAkubovskii MM. Pharmacological correction of irradiation and irradiation-chemistry injuries. Vinnitsa: Vinnitsa; 1997:221

Yakubovskyy MM, Pentyuk AA, Oliynik VN, et al. Influence of combine antiradiation preparation created on basis of the silica on peroxic oxidation and morphology of the liver and small intestine of irradiated rats. Ukr. J. Radiology. 1997:1;69-72.

Paliy G, Benjaminov VO, Pooshcar MS, Iakubovskii MM. Immuno-morphological characteristics of the focal staph infection on a background of long-term action of small doses of simazine. Microbiology J. 1991;53:61-8.

Iakubovskii MM, Zurnaji YuN, Khmelnitskiy OK. Ultrastructural changes in the adenohypophysis-thyroid system in chronic poisoning by linuron herbicide. Arch. Pathology. 1991;1:27-30.