Sanghita Mallik

Dr.Sanghita Mallik graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery and a bachelor’s degree in Science with distinction in Zoology from the University of Calcutta, India. After her graduation, she completed an internship and training as a pediatrics resident doctor in Ramakrishna Mission Hospital in Calcutta, India. Following this, she worked as an Assistant Surgeon and Medical officer in the health clinic for students and faculty and simultaneously taught Histology and Gross Anatomy in the Institute of Medical Sciences in Bellur, Karnataka. She also gained experience as a lecturer in Anatomy in SJM Dental College in Karnataka. She started her own private practice and worked part-time with her husband as a first surgical assistant in their family owned hospital in Calcutta, India.

Dr.Mallik left her country to be a medical officer in Accident and Emergency Department in Labasa Hospital, where she gained immense experience in serving the people of the Fiji islands. She has worked in TTM Hospital, Western Samoa, as a Senior Medical Officer in the Accident and Emergency Department. She joined St. Jude Hospital, St. Lucia, in the Outpatients and Emergency Room Department, as a Senior Medical Officer and was promoted to Registrar, after her dedicated service to the people of St. Lucia. She has worked as an Assistant Professor in Anatomy Department in International American University, St. Lucia, where she taught Embryology.

She began at Ross University School of Medicine in 2008 and works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine. She is also the Clinical Skills Course Director for semester one students.

She is married and has a daughter. Her hobbies include reading, singing in stage shows, sketching and collecting stamps.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine; Small Group Learning; The Harvey Program; Clinical Skills Labs; Enhanced SP program