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STUDENT SUPPORT: RUSM Enhances USMLE Test Prep Services

November 08, 2015

At Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), we strive to offer support services geared toward maximizing students' potential for success in medical school. On that note, we are pleased to announce that we have several enhancements to the RUSM/Becker USMLE Review program which we are offering to students ranging from basic sciences to clinical sciences. These valuable resources are included as part of a student's educational fee.

Here is a brief description of the new additions:

Basic Science Students: Step 1 Review Components

Semester 01 Students

  • Becker USMLE Step 1 eCoach: Access to more than 220 hours of online lectures for 24 months.
  • Becker USMLE Step 1 Question Bank: Access to more than 2,100 questions for 24 months.

Semester 03 - 05 Students

  • UWorld USMLE Step 1 Question Bank: Access to more than 2,000 questions for 12 months.

Semester 4X - 05 Students

  • Becker Live Online USMLE Step 1 Reviews: Access to 300 hours of interactive lectures across all basic sciences subjects that culminates with an additional 30 hours of integrated cases with Dr. Lionel Raymon.
  • Becker Diagnostic Exam: Access to 3 blocks of 44 questions per block (132 items total) delivered using an exam-like interface and providing feedback by organ system and discipline.
  • Becker Live Online USMLE Step 1 Integrated Final Review: Access to 110 hours of interactive Step 1 live lectures for pathophysiology, pharmacology, and integrated cases with Dr. Lionel Raymon
  • Becker Live Online Integrated Cases with Dr. Lionel Raymon: Access to 30 hours of interactive and engaging basic sciences material that help pull concepts together and maximize students’ understanding and performance.
  • Becker Live USMLE Step 1 Reviews (in USA) Providing RUSM Group Tuition Rates: Access to a live course that has 275 hours of interactive lectures delivered at a Becker facility in New York, Texas or Illinois. 
    • New York & Chicago RUSM Group Rate of $1,599
    • Dallas RUSM Group Rate of $2,150 (Commuter +Meals), $2,950 (Double Accommodations) and $4,250 (Single Accommodations)

Clinical Science Students: Step 2CK and Step 2CS Review Components

Beginning of Clinical Tracks

  • Becker USMLE Step 2 CK eCoach:  Access to 200 hours of online lectures across eight volumes of interactive eBooks for 24 months.
  • UWorld USMLE Step 2CK Question Bank: Access to more than 2,000 questions for the duration of the subscription. Students who began their tracks January 2015 and forward will receive a 12-month subscription to U-World. Students who began tracks from September 2014 through December 2015 will receive a 6-month subscription. Students may activate the subscription at will, though once activated the subscription begins and cannot be temporarily suspended.  For example, if a student with a 12 month subscription activates on 11/01/15, the subscription expires on 10/31/16.  
  • Becker Live Online USMLE Step 2 CK Intensive Reviews: Access to 104 hours of interactive live online lectures that start on dates corresponding to RUSM clinical tracks. 
  • Becker Live USMLE Step 2CS Clinical Skills Assessment: Provides a 4-hour testing session covering 6 standardized patient encounters in a test-like setting. Locations include Chicago, Detroit, New York City and South Florida. Additional locations will be added throughout this academic year for California, Georgia, and Washington DC.

A personalized e-mail from Becker regarding access information to UWorld and Becker resources will be sent directly to current RUSM students. Students currently in clinical tracks will also receive access to UWorld. Please note that students who have already purchased UWorld will not be provided a refund for this subscription.

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