Supporting You During Clinicals: The ROSS Model

The clinical phase of your medical education is an exciting time on your path to becoming a physician. Every day you train in our affiliated teaching hospitals you have experiences and interactions that help you transition from medical school student to the mindset of a real physician. Clinical students are also extremely busy, and so it’s challenging to progress through your rotations while staying connected, staying on track to earn your medical degree, and preparing to enter residency.

At Ross University School of Medicine, we have established the Rely On Student Service (ROSS) Model to provide clinical students with the support they need.   

How Does the ROSS Model Help Support Clinical Students?  

Each clinical student is assigned a coordinated team of advisors, effectively creating a centralized support hub for students. Teams are comprised of the following: 

To better serve our clinical students’ needs, advisory teams are available 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday. Team members will also proactively check in with students to see how their clinical training is progressing and to offer support as needed. 

Current Ross clinical students can learn more about their personal advisory team via the student portal.