School of Medicine

Reproductive and Integumentary Systems I

This block includes two organ systems-based modules: The Reproductive System module, part I, is introduced by consideration of the development, histology, anatomy, physiology and endocrine control of the reproductive system. Lectures will provide discussion of fertility and infertility. Pregnancy in the first trimester will be presented in this module, with further learning of pregnancy to be continued later in semester 4. In parallel with these presentations, genetics, patient-centered approaches, and themes relevant to reproductive medical ethics are provided. Clinical presentations and treatments of reproductive diseases will be the focus of the Reproductive System module, part II, in semester 4. The Integumentary System module, part I, covers the normal histology and function of skin, basic biological concepts and terminology related to basic skin lesions. The metabolism of heme, purines and pyrimidines will be described with reference to enzyme deficiencies. Medical entomology will be discussed with emphasis on vectors and mode of transmission. Common clinical skin conditions such as heat stroke, wound healing, burns, rash and neoplasms will be considered. An interactive multidisciplinary case discussion will reinforce basic biomedical knowledge relevant to burns, wounds, trauma and ecto-parasites. The clinical competencies skills of relationship-centered care and interpersonal skills will also be presented. Clinical presentations and treatments of skin diseases will be the focus of the Integumentary System module, part II, in semester 4.




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