School of Medicine

Clinical and Competencies Skills II

This block contains a single semester-long module of clinical learning: The Clinical and Competency Skills II module introduces clinical themes related to process and outcomes of care. Themes emphasized are clinical skills, patient interviewing skills development, and emphasis on how the process of care relates to SPIRIT competencies. The course is designed to encourage student integration of basic science knowledge presented in organ systems-based modules spanning semester 2. The sessions include several activities: three clinical skills labs which focus on components of neurological examination (vision and deep tendon reflexes), examination of the neck; sessions with the high-fidelity simulators; standardized patient program; PBL sessions; and experience in a service project – the Community Medicine Reflective Practice. Software and classroom technologies are utilized to assist with evaluation during some components of the module (WebSPTM and TurnitinTM).




Carribean Medical School