School of Medicine

Clinical and Competencies Skills III

This block contains a single semester-long module of clinical learning: The Clinical and Competencies Skills III module is designed so that students continue to develop the professional, interviewing, and clinical skills and competencies necessary to succeed in the clinical years and in residency. Through practical training, students develop and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to excel in the other curriculum modules, and in the USMLE licensing exams. A variety of non-lecture-based learning environments including visits to community clinics, ICM lab sessions, problem-based learning, standardized patient interviewing and simulator activities comprise the CCS III module. In the medical simulation sessions, the ICM and behavioral sessions students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of cardiovascular, pulmonary, abdominal, immune systems and pharmacology. An emphasis will be on integration of basic science knowledge presented in organ systems-based modules of semester 3 with clinical activities.




Carribean Medical School