School of Medicine

Digestive and Renal Systems II

This block includes two organ systems-based modules: The Digestive System module, part II, builds on the basic science foundation and clinical scenarios developed in part I of the module. Students develop deeper understanding of the importance of data use and interpretation of clinical values for optimal patient care. Presentations of common conditions provide opportunities for students to strengthen their understanding of digestive disease. The Renal System module, part II, incorporates didactic classroom sessions coupled with the interpretation of urinalysis and renal function tests, recognition of imaging and microscopy features, and the introduction of clinical approaches for addressing the pathogenesis and patient management of underlying renal conditions. A comprehensive lecture series is presented which describes the etiology, pathogenesis, morphological and clinical changes, with pharmacological treatment options for renal disease and systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus and common urinary tract infection. Clinical correlates discussing how patients with renal system disease present to the physician are provided to emphasize interpretations of physical signs, correct approaches to differential diagnosis, methods for making appropriate diagnoses, and basic principles of renal disease management.




Carribean Medical School