School of Medicine

The Nervous & Psychiatric System module, part I

The Nervous & Psychiatric System module, part I, presents a foundation for understanding the organization and function of the human nervous system. The neuroanatomy of each system is correlated with its physiology, function and relevant clinical applications, including behavioral aspects. Laboratory instruction includes detailed brain examination and exposure to neuroimaging modalities. This knowledge is expected to serve as a solid basis for future courses, for clinical rotations and for understanding the diagnoses of nervous system disease as seen in clinical settings. Students also participate in anatomic lectures and anatomical dissection labs, concurrently. Clinical training also continues in this module, with lectures and lab instruction in behavioral interviewing skills, clinical skills laboratory, SPIRIT competencies, and simulator demonstrations. Clinical presentations and treatments of nervous and psychiatric diseases will be the focus of the Nervous & Psychiatric System module, part II, in semester 4.




Carribean Medical School