School of Medicine

Clinical Skills 4

This Clinical Skills 4 (CS 04) course contains a single semester-long module of clinical learning: The Clinical Skills 4 course continues to create clinical context for the Foundations of Medicine curriculum, and introduces students to a variety of clinical skills training in laboratory and small group format in preparation for preclinical simulated- and real-patient encounters. Students continue to combine their evolving patient interviewing and physical examination skills in the Standardized Patient program with direct observation and feedback by MD faculty in a small group format. Students attend a community clinic, interview and examine a patient there, and continue to practice oral presentation and written documentation skills. Themes emphasized are physical examination skills, patient interviewing skills, clinical reasoning, and ACGME competency awareness and skills. Students are encouraged to continue to assess knowledge gaps through facilitated self-assessment and self-reflection during all activities. Self-directed learning is promoted. Learning through medical simulation continues with an emphasis on high fidelity simulation cases with increasing medical complexity and performance expectations. Small group simulation sessions continue to emphasize student integration of basic science knowledge presented in organ systems-based modules.




Carribean Medical School