As the study of medicine evolves, Ross University School of Medicine is following suit, implementing innovative technological solutions to add even more value to your medical school experience. The goal? A more interactive, engaging, and meaningful clinical program that helps ensure students at different clinical sites have a consistent, comparable learning experience.

Ross clinical students have access to three key resources:

  • E*Value allows you to log and track “real,” simulated, or standardized patient experiences, including diagnosis and procedures. This application empowers our students to assess the quality of the clerkship and share experiences.
  • eCollege® contains numerous resources to assist students in organizing and progressing through the clinical phase of their education, including clerkship overviews (syllabi), curriculum guidelines, clerkship assignments, recommended materials, and practice exams.
  • myPortal is the online gateway to all Ross information and access to commonly used resources such as MediaSite, Access Medicine, email, and the links to eCollege and E*Value.

Ross' clinical faculty also benefit from these resources, gaining access to supplemental virtual cases to guide student learning, and access to student case logs for review and to guide the student experience. Faculty can access Ross digital library resources as well, including journals, reference materials, and UpToDate, a product widely used by physicians to help them make clinical decisions.