Two Medical School Curriculum Options:
Which One Is Right for You?

Ross University School of Medicine offers two curriculum tracks during the Foundations of Medicine portion of the medical education program. These curriculum options are designed to further cultivate student success and empower you to advance through the basic sciences at a pace that aligns with your personal study needs.

At a Glance: Ross+ Curriculum or Standard Accelerated Curriculum?

The two options constitute the same program of study, but are structured differently:

  • Ross+: This track has you on campus for approximately 20 months, or 75 weeks. Study modules are spaced out over five semesters, and the curriculum includes integrated study breaks to encourage and manage knowledge acquisition. You’ll complete the same coursework as students undergoing the accelerated curriculum.
  • Standard Accelerated Curriculum: The four-semester option features more course modules per semester and does not feature integrated study breaks, but you could complete the basic sciences program and move on to the clinical sciences curriculum in about 16 months.

Detailed Look: Comparing Your Curriculum Options

The program of study during the first semester of medical school at Ross is the same for everyone. As you near completion of Semester 1—depending on your academic progress in that semester—you may qualify to join Ross' Standard Accelerated Curriculum. 

The chart below compares the two curriculum tracks. 

(5 semesters)
STANDARD accelerated curriculum




  • Same semester 1
  • Semesters 2,3,4, 5
  • Fewer modules per semester, integrated study breaks
  • Same semester 1 
  • Semesters 2, 3, 4
  • More modules per semester
Tuition Full basic sciences tuition for four semesters, with 25% savings on fifth semester Full basic sciences tuition for four semesters
Financial Aid No change No change
Basic Sciences
75 weeks 60 weeks
Clinical Sciences,
including Internal Medicine Foundations
90 weeks 90 weeks
Total Program Length 165 weeks 150 weeks


Learn More About Our Medical School Curriculum Options

If you have questions about the two curriculum options, please feel free to send an email to our Office of Admissions, or explore the accelerated and five-semester curricula in detail.