2017-2018 Schedule of Tuition & Fees


of Medicine (FOM)*

Foundations of Medicine

- Semester 5 (Ross + Curriculum Track)

Clinical Clerkships,

Including Internal Medicine Foundations (IMF)***

Tuition per semester
(Flat Rate: 9-21 credits)
$22,345 $16,759 $24,660
Student Government Association Fee
per semester
$50 $50 $25
Education Resource Fee $400 $400 $397.50
Health Insurance Fee per semester
Price includes an
administration charge.
$747 $747 $747

Please see the Student Handbook for tuition and refund policies. Students must pay for all courses taken.

 *First semester students will also be charged a non-refundable visa processing fee of $190.

**Students in the regular track program take 5 semesters of Foundations of Medicine and 6 semesters of clinical clerkships for a total of 11 semesters. Students in the accelerated track take 4 semesters of Foundations of Medicine and 6 semesters of Clinical Clerkships for a total of 10 semesters. 

***The rates represented above represents a full-time, 15 week/credit schedule each semester. Tuition will be prorated per clinical at a rate of $1,644 per credit/week and the Educational Resource Fee at $26.50 per credit/week. The Clinical Student Government Fee is not subject to proration. Health Insurance is billed on a periodic basis in September, January and May regardless of schedule and is not subject to proation.