Ray King

My association with Ross University has been a unique one in that I was able to experience Ross from a multitude of perspectives. I began my career at RUSM as a faculty member in the Anatomy Department. I received my Ph.D. in Anatomy & Neurobiology from Boston University School of Medicine. I then completed my fellowship at MGH/Harvard Medical School. During which time I was also a faculty member at University of Massachusetts Medical School. I was recruited to RUSM as the course director of Gross Anatomy. I was involved in modernizing the anatomy laboratory by updating the infrastructure, use of computers and monitors, as well as creating a series of prosection videos that is still in use today. During my tenure at RUSM, I was awarded two Harvard-Macy Fellowships at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. In 2007 I became a student again, choosing to stay at RUSM and continue to serve as a faculty member. Being a full time student and professor proved to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career. I was able to simultaneously see “how the other half lived” and adjust my teaching style and study habits accordingly. I gained a new level of empathy with my students and classmates, which I carried with me into residency. I received my M.D. from RUSM 2010 and recently began my surgery residency training. I believe I have a unique insight into the life-cycle of a Ross medical student having experienced RUSM as a professor, administrator, student, and alumnus. I loved my time in Dominica and learned so much as a Ross medical student, and I hope to continue serving the Ross community.