Alka Nischal

I completed my IM residency at Brookdale University Hospital & went on to do a Geriatrics Fellowship at Weill Cornell University Hospital. Since then I have gone on to work for the VA hospital.

My education at Ross was at par with the rest of the American schools, I should know, as I had attended a 7 year medical program out of high school (I left medicine for many years). I have found that people who attend or teach at Ross have a love of learning/teaching Medicine unparalleled by our non-Caribbean counterparts. I believe this is because it takes a strong minded individual to forsake a life of comforts to gain an education away from home. I am truly proud to be a Ross Graduate.

I have always enjoyed being a nurturer and mentor to my juniors as I have received a great deal of mentoring from my superiors. I cannot repay the knowledge bestowed upon me from their years of wisdom. However, I can give back in the form of a mentor and/or leader in the council. I would like the opportunity to serve my fellow future colleagues and peers.