Fariha Sheikh

I am a northeast native from NY/NJ and I completed my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. I then worked at Roche Molecular Diagnostics in NJ for 2 years as a scientist while applying to medical school. I was accepted into the MERP program in Miami and opted to take the opportunity over getting my masters at St. George’s. It was a choice that I am very pleased with to this day! I absolutely loved Dominica and stayed on the island for two of the breaks between semesters. The people I met on the island are like family and the lessons I learned as a Ross student about medicine and life in general are things that I still talk about today. As graduation approached, I had the intent of entering a surgery residency program. I did not match in 2009 and thought it was best to complete a year of research at Mayo Clinic Arizona where I was involved with surgical research and have since presented at several meetings and have been published in journals. I also took some time off for a surgical mission trip to the Dominican Republic in the spring of 2009. Currently, I am a preliminary general surgery resident at Mayo Arizona and plan on continuing my training in the field of surgery. While in Phoenix, I have spoken at Ross Information Seminars to give those who are interested in becoming a student a first-hand point of view of life at Ross, both in Dominica and back in the US, as well as the process of applying to residency programs and getting involved in research. I would really love to be part of a committee that keeps the Ross family together and brings in new members.