ROSS alumni: a legacy of opportunity

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Kendra Campbell, RUSM Class of 2010

Fusun Dikengil, MD,
Class of 2015

This graduate attained her top-choice residency, but it wasn't by accident. Rather, she had a strategic plan.

Kofoworola Ojo, MD, Ross Class of 2015

Kofoworola Ojo,
Class of 2015

Dr. Ojo remembers how "awesome" it felt to match into a residency training program this year.

Faiz Hussain, RUSM graduate, helps underserved communities

Faiz Hussain,
Class of 2002

This grad has supported relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and more.









Ryan Davis, RUSM graduate, career changer

Ryan Davis,
Class of 2014

This career-changer found that the skills he developed as a banker have helped him as a medical resident. 

Kendra Campbell, RUSM Class of 2010

Kendra Campbell,
Class of 2010

Helping patients in crisis is deeply rewarding for Campbell, a New York ER psychiatrist.

Keith Morgan, RUSM graduate, Canada, sports medicine fellow

Keith Morgan,
Class of 2013

Four-time Olympian who earned a residency, then fellowship, at University of Ottawa.









Vanessa Doyle, RUSM graduate, neurology residency

Vanessa Doyle,
Class of 2012

Left nursing career to attend Ross; earned a competitive neuro residency at U of Ottawa.

Vincent Armenio, MD, RUSM Class of 1986 Alumnus

Vincent Armenio, Class of 1986

A hematologist-oncologist, Armenio chairs the Roger Williams Medical Center Department of Medicine.

Madhura Manjunath, RUSM Class of 2016

Madhura Manjunath,
Class of 2016

Now starting her residency at Berkshire Medical Center, this graduate especially enjoyed her clinical years.









Lilian Sarfati, MD

Lilian Sarfati,
Class of 2012

This Florida native impressed on day 1 of residency and later earned a dermatology fellowship.

Lilian Sarfati, MD

Filippo Chillemi,
Class of 2009

Former soccer star; orthopedic sports medicine fellow at the prestigious Andrews Institute.

Audra Ford,
Class of 2005

A family physician, Dr. Ford believes patient-physician relationships are critical to positive outcomes.









Sola Fasusi, MD

Sola Fasusi,
Class of 2012

Currently chief resident in surgery at Medical College of Georgia; starts a plastics fellowship there in 2016.

Cleopatra Gordon-Pusey, Class of 2004

Has a thriving practice in Florida, providing care to patients from age 12 to centenarians.

Ray King,
Class of 2010

Was chief surgery resident and Resident of the Year, later earning a colorectal surgery fellowship.









Lilian Sarfati, MD

Amy Jarvis,
Class of 2003

This commodities broker, now a neurologist, treated NFL athletes and is medical director for a stroke center.

Taki Galanopoulos, Class of 2007

This Vancouver physician said his Ross education was "top-quality."

Nicole Saphier,
Class of 2008

Dr. Saphier is a radiologist who has spent much of her career advocating for breast health.








Lilian Sarfati, MD

Oleg Gusakov,
Class of 2005

Dr. Gusakov, an anesthesiologist, treated victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Zoe Wilson,
Class of 2006

A child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist who operates a practice in Moorestown, NJ.

Adam Waldman,
Class of 1999

Dr. Waldman is vice chair of Orlando Regional Medical Center's Department of Cardiology.











Jeffrey Ortiz, MD

Jeffrey Ortiz,
Class of 2016

Ignore the naysayers; follow your dream, says Ortiz. This former X-ray tech earned a radiology residency in 2016.

Daniel and Tierney Piotter, Class of '16

A Couples Match success! The Piotters, who met at Ross, earned residencies together at LSU Shreveport.

Marc Olivier Duverseau

Marc Duverseau, Class of 2016

Earned a preliminary surgery residency at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Minn.










Aniket Sharma,
Class of 2015

Dr. Sharma, who matched in his preferred specialty, says he "loved" his experience in Dominica and at Ross.

Hailey Shah,
Class of 2016

After she wraps her internal medicine residency, this Texas native has her eye on a potential fellowship.

Johnathon Stephens,
Class of 2016

Despite having a "so-called disability," this grad earned a radiology residency in his hometown of Peoria, IL.









Lilian Sarfati, MD

Jason Patton,
Class of 2015

Dr. Patton, who went to Ross because of its "reputation of excellence," got his #1 residency choice.

Stefani Vescio,
Class of 2015

This graduate credits her US clinical rotations with helping her decide which medical specialty to pursue.

Mike Radford,
Class of 2016

Taking responsibility for achieving his goals is what drove this graduate to earn a residency in Canada.











Michael McEntee

Michael McEntee,
Class of 2014

Dr. McEntee recalls exactly where he was when he got the phone call telling him he'd earned his top choice.

Marcella Perez,
Class of 2015

Dr. Perez decided to pursue family medicine because she loves that it offers such patient variety.

Jairo Espinosa,
Class of 2015

Now in the midst of his surgery residency, this graduate plans to specialize in plastic surgery.









Lilian Sarfati, MD

Candice Todd,
Class of 2014

Dr. Todd matched into what she called a "world-famous" neurology program at University of Toronto.

Garrett Whyne,
Class of 2014

This family medicine resident says earning a residency was the "best feeling I've ever had."

Rachelle Krause, Class of 2014

Now in her second year of residency, Dr. Krause earned an internal medicine spot at University of Toronto.










Brian Kendall,
Class of 2013

Chief resident for his final residency year; has a job lined up at a Michigan emergency medicine group.

Grant Studebaker, 
Class of 2013

Chief family medicine resident at University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Jackson.

Ginny Lee,
Class of 2013

Chief emergency medicine resident at Summa Akron City Hospital in Akron,









Deepak Vatti,
Class of 2013

Chief EM resident at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse.

Lilian Sarfati, MD

Dipan Patel,
Class of 2012

Chief anesthesiology resident at New York Medical College in Valhalla.

Jason Chen,
Class of 2013

Chief pathology resident at University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville.