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Ross Duo Voted Co-Chief Residents at Michigan State University Emergency Medicine Residency Program

July 24, 2017

Ross alumni Sarah Wolf, MD, and Aaron Tyagi, MD, recently were elected 2017-2018 Co-Chief Residents in Emergency Medicine at Michigan State University (MSU) and Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Mich.

According to Drs. Wolf and Tyagi, neither of them set out with a deliberate strategy to obtain a chief resident position. They simply wanted to maintain a standard that is worthy of the medical profession.

“Chief Resident is not something I think either of us truly considered or predicted when we started our residency,” says Dr. Tyagi.

“My intention for every shift is purely to show up with the expectation that my colleagues and I are going to provide the best care for each patient,” says Dr. Wolf.

For Dr. Wolf, the commitment to patient care is very personal. During her first year of residency, Dr. Wolf was a full-time caregiver for her mother who was battling stage four cancer.

“Throughout that difficult time, I realized the importance of the doctor-patient-family relationship,” says Dr. Wolf. “Medicine is about far more than just scientific knowledge.”

“From the first day, I wanted to take an active role not only in my resident education but in doing what I could to make residency better for all,” adds Dr. Tyagi when asked to pinpoint reasons why he was elected to the position.”

Dr. Tyagi’s contributions to the residency program include expanding the intern curriculum during his first year and, along with another colleague, beginning a low fidelity simulation program operated by residents. In addition, Dr. Tyagi is a representative of the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association and is Chair for the Social Media Committee of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine’s Resident and Student Association.

The Emergency Medicine residency program at MSU has a two-tiered process to electing chief residents. First, leadership nominates qualified residents who have proven themselves as effective leaders throughout their residency. Once nominated, peer residents vote for the nominee(s) they believe possess the qualities to best represent the collective.

“Being Chief Resident is a great honor but also comes with a fair amount of responsibility that you really cannot appreciate until you are actively in the role,” says Dr. Tyagi.

“I’m excited to utilize this upcoming year to cultivate my leadership skills,” says Dr. Wolf.

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MATCH: Ross Student Earns Residency in Diagnostic Radiology

March 22, 2017

Dan Cohen, MD, (Ross ’16) recalled that most of his time on the Dominica campus during the basic science curriculum of his medical education was spent studying. “I thought the island was a beautiful and perfect place to study my basic sciences. The majority of my time was spent studying in the library and at Jenner Hall,” he said. On campus he also served as the vice president of the Neuroscience society. Now his studiousness has paid off and he has matched at Henry Ford Hospital Detroit Michigan for transitional year, a required preliminary intern year and then he will move on to a residency in diagnostic radiology at the University of Florida  in Gainesville.

Dr. Cohen grew up in Miami, FL and Grand Rapids, MI and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where he learned about Ross through the Premedical Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Delta. He graduated from Ross last November and then, “focused completely on my interviews for the Match,” he said.  While awaiting the results of Match Day he worked at an urgent care and orthopedic clinic.

The area of medicine that Dr. Cohen is most interested in is Interventional Radiology. “It is the perfect combination of medicine and diagnostics,” he said. “I would get the opportunity to read my own diagnostic images and be able to perform minimally invasive endovascular procedures.  I would also get to follow up with my patients in out-patient interventional radiology clinic. This is a very new, innovative and interesting field in medicine.“

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TECH: Ross-Supported SJMO Simulation Center Is a Boon for Students

January 17, 2017

Recently, there was a grand opening of the Ross-supported simulation center at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Oakland (SJMO) in Pontiac, Michigan. This sim center will be a great boon for students who are doing rotations there, and for the level of medical education at the facility.  Dave Pedersen, Ross’s director of simulation, plated a critical role in making this project a success. “We look forward to a continuing excellent relationship with SJMO, our valued clinical partner,” said Ross’s Dean and Chancellor Joseph Flaherty, MD.

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Prospective Students Learned Technology is Integrated throughout RUSM’s Curriculum

December 09, 2014

An attendee inserts her hands in robotic arms to mimic surgical incisions.

An attendee inserts her hands in robotic arms to mimic surgical incisions.

Strategic hospital affiliations give students a rich clinical experience


RUSM students gain clinical experience in their first semester. That fact appeared to be the most surprising and exciting information aspiring physicians learned during an interactive open house recently hosted at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) in Pontiac, MI. Nearly 70 attended the program, including five recently accepted students, to learn more about RUSM directly from the university’s faculty and alumni as well as from current students who are conducting clerkships at SJMO.

The program included a guided tour of the technologically-advanced simulation lab and hands-on demonstrations of innovative robotic equipment used during surgical procedures. Prospective students also had the opportunity to listen to a panel discussion and have questions answered about RUSM’s curriculum, campus life, student outcomes and more.

The SJMO simulation lab, “the most special tour feature” as commented by one attendee, provided realistic experiences for prospective students. Guests performed ultrasounds on the simulator, passed plastic blocks with laparoscopic instruments, maneuvered robotic surgical arms and evaluated SimMan® for an asthma attack.

Want to get an up-close look at SJMO's facilities and try out simulation technology? Join us for our Clinical Experience event at SJMO on Saturday, Oct. 8. Learn more and sign up here.
“The simulation part of the tour gave students insight into what kinds of technology they would encounter in their first two years of medical school and beyond,” said Dave Pederson, director of the Center for Excellence in Simulation Education at RUSM.

“The clinical experience at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland is an example of what many RUSM students may undergo during their clerkships,” said Peter Goetz, vice dean of administration at RUSM.

SJMO is a RUSM-affiliate teaching hospital where a significant number of RUSM students conduct all of their core rotations (e.g., Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery) during the third and fourth years of their medical school journey. One of the major reasons that RUSM established a relationship with SJMO is its similar focus on incorporating technology in medical education. 

Attendees were also able to experience what robotic surgery entails through the da Vinci® Surgical System. Prospective students manipulated mechanical hand controls to mimic precise incisions made during surgical procedures.

The event concluded with a reception where prospective students were able to get additional questions answered during individual discussions with RUSM faculty, administration, alumni and students.

Your Turn! Tour SJMO, Try Simulation Technology, and More Oct. 8

Get hands-on with SJMO's simulation technology and tour the facility at our Clinical Experience event on Saturday, Oct. 8. Learn more and sign up here.

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Numerous RUSM Alumni Have Earned 2013-14 Chief Resident Positions

March 14, 2014

Each year numerous RUSM alumni are selected as Chief Residents of their residency programs. The following are a selection of 2013-14 Chief Residents in various specialties:

Family Medicine


Internal Medicine







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