ServiceS Available at the Clinic

The RUSM Health Clinic is an ambulatory care facility offering a range of medical services for acute and chronic medical conditions, preventive services, health education, counseling, and urgent care.

The Health Clinic provides medical consultation for common ailments and urgent care for stabilization and transfer to Princess Margaret Hospital or evacuation off island.

Laboratory/Radiology Tests

Laboratory: Basic laboratory tests including complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, liver function studies, and lipid levels are sent to a local private laboratory for analysis. Laboratories are subject to a fee per the private lab.

Radiology: Basic diagnostic radiology services are available in Roseau. There is a fee for imaging studies.

Counseling Services

The RUSM Counseling Center provides psychological assessment, individual therapy, family and/or relationship counseling, career guidance, crisis intervention, medication evaluation/management services, and referral services for medical students and their family members. In addition to these clinical services, workshops and outreach programs regarding substance use, medical student impairment, relationship and stress management, coping with grief and loss, and other relevant professional development areas are also provided.

Learn more about the counseling center here.