Living Arrangements While in Medical School

From the moment you arrive, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) is committed to making your stay in Dominica as comfortable as possible with a wide range of housing opportunities, support for families, and more.

We realize preparing for medical school in Dominica is bound to raise all sorts of questions about the University or island life. In addition to reading the information below, please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions by emailing or calling 877-767-7338.


Upon your arrival in Dominica, you will be welcomed at the airport by Ross University School of Medicine officials. They will accompany you and other students on the ride to RUSM Along the way, your host will answer questions and provide information about living in Dominica.


RUSM requires that you obtain housing prior to arrival in Dominica. You can access the University’s housing website through your myRoss account and work with the Ross University School of Medicine Housing Department to arrange accommodations; access is limited to matriculating students only.

The Housing Database offers you a variety of search options including different housing types, amenities, and price levels. In addition, the Roommate Finder provides you with the ability to search for potential roommates amongst your classmates. The Housing Database is available to the public for viewing, allowing students to browse the many housing options available and become familiar with the website. Please note that you will be unable to contact landlords or request leases when navigating the public site.

Once you are an accepted student and have been given your myRoss login information sometime closer to your term, you will receive detailed instructions regarding the use of the Housing Database.
Please visit this link to view the public website: Dominica Student Housing Database

Ross University School of Medicine Housing Reception Desk:
(767) 255-6400 or (767) 255-6433


Bring Your Family

Students with families are welcome at Ross University School of Medicine. The University has a very active spouse’s club and an independent day school for children of faculty and enrolled students.

The Ross University Preparatory School is a traditional, independent day school for students in pre-k through 8th grade. Currently, the school can assist high school-aged children in their home school studies. The Preparatory School has incorporated an independent school curriculum, comparable to the best set of courses found in quality private schools in the US. The school prides itself on its curriculum, small classes, and the quality of its faculty.

Employment Opportunities for Companions

Students who are coming with family should keep in mind that Dominica’s laws may limit your spouse’s employment to a few specialized, on-campus jobs at our Preparatory School, health clinic, bookstore, or learning center.

Pets in Dominica

It is important to adhere to the regulations of the Commonwealth of Dominica when bringing your dog or cat with you. Dominica requires an import permit for dogs and cats to enter the country. Please carefully read and follow the guidelines.

While you may bring your pet with you to Dominica, please be aware that having your pet will limit your housing options. Many landlords do not allow pets or require an additional security deposit. Bringing US domestic pets to Dominica

Medical Student Health

The Student Health Insurance Plan covers Ross University medical students worldwide, including Dominica and the US, including emergency evacuation, due to serious illness or injury. All Ross University School of Medicine students are required to enroll in this plan or to provide proof of comparable insurance coverage.

The company that provides health insurance to students is The Chickering Group, an Aetna Company.

The health clinic provides urgent and primary care, as well as over-the-counter and prescription medications.

A trained counseling staff, including a psychiatrist and psychologists, is available to students who may be having difficulty dealing with the stress of attending medical school, or other personal problems.

Drug Policy

Ross University maintains a drug-free campus and workplace. This is consistent with the requirements of the Higher Education Act.

Campus Security

Ross University School of Medicine takes campus safety and security very seriously. In accordance with US Department of Education requirements, information about security and safety practices, as well as campus crime statistics, are published annually. This information is distributed to current students and may be obtained, upon request, by any prospective student.

RUSM employs a cadre of security officers to provide 24-hour security to the University, its students, and staff, at the Portsmouth Campus. There are 26 security officers employed full-time. All security officers have received in-house training, supplemented by formal training at the Dominica Police Training School. Thus, they are capable of providing a high level of professional service.

The campus has had no major incidents related to bodily injury or drugs. By and large, most student security problems occur outside the campus area. Security is also provided for the Ross University Clinical Facility at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau, which is used by students during their clinical assignments and clinical clerkships.