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Joseph Flaherty, MD
Dean and Chancellor





RUSM students receive instruction from a physician at Broward Outreach Centers, a division of the Miami Rescue Mission Health Clinic.  




RUSM employs enhanced technologies which enables interactive clinical science teaching with live video links to faculty-patient encounters. Additionally, RUSM makes use of human patient simulators throughout its curriculum. Computer-controlled, life-like mannequins blink, speak, and breathe, have a heartbeat and pulse and accurately mirror human responses to procedures such as CPR, intravenous medication, intubation and catheterization. The units are capable of simulating nearly any possible human medical emergency including allergic reactions, traumatic injuries, drug overdoses and common malfunctions of the body's major systems.



RUSM students begin their journey to become physicians on the school's 35-acre campus in Dominica, located in the West Indies.

Community Service


More than 10 years ago, RUSM helped establish the Salybia Mission Project which provides medical care to the indigenous Carib (also referred to as Kalinago) population of Dominica.