Scholarships Help Committed Aspiring Doctors Pursue Their Dreams

Every year, there are qualified medical school applicants who aren't admitted to US medical schools because there simply aren't enough seats for them. Ross provides opportunity to promising students who demonstrate that they have what it takes to succeed in medical school. The Ross student population has tremendous diversity, with students coming from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, social and career backgrounds. The university's scholarship program is a way to honor the high potential demonstrated and array of accomplishments achieved by its students. Scholarships

Featured scholarship AWARDEES


MPH Grad Honors Promise to Get MD

This student decided early she will be accessible to her patients.

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Student Driven by Noble Intentions

This multilingual student will be equipped to reduce  barriers to healthcare.

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Surgery Observation Gave Him Clarity

More determined than ever, Grant Campell appreciates the seclusion to study.

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