Policy and Procedures

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Attendance Discipline Policy Duty to Report
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Your child’s acceptance into our program is contingent upon:

  • The availability of space in the appropriate age group
  • Your agreement to comply with center policies and procedures
  • That your child’s special needs can be accommodated


Full time care Ross applicant $600.00USD / EC$1,602.00 (per semester)
Full- time care non-Ross applicant $2000.00USD /EC$5,340.00 (per semester)

Part time care Ross applicant $300.00 USD / EC$801.00 (per semester)
Part-time care non-Ross applicant $1000.00 USD / EC $2,670.00 (per semester)

Indicate preference: Morning session or Afternoon session Payment is due at time of registration. Please pay Accounts department US cheques have a $10.00 Processing fee.

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Please call the daycare to report an absence.

Discipline Policy

We have positive methods of discipline which encourage self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and co-operation. Any physical or emotional punishment is prohibited. Discipline is usually means providing a space to calm down. Other approaches are:

  • Providing natural consequence
  • Talking to the child to help correct the misbehavior
  • Separating the child from the activity being disrupted
  • Holding a conference with the parents, to collaborate on positive solutions.

Release Policies

Children will be released only to the parent or official guardian. Parents are advised to request this in a written note to the supervisor.

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Medication Procedures

There are certain instances when it becomes necessary for children to take medication during centre hours so the Centre must follow specific procedures for dispensing medication to children during Centre hours. This is necessary for the protection of the child as well as, the person giving the medication.

  • Only prescribed medication will be administered.
  • A medication form must be signed by staff and parent.
  • All bottles or containers must be labeled properly e.g., name of child, name of medicine, time and dosage.
  • A daily record will keep track of all dispensed medication.
  • No medication will be left at the centre.
  • It is the parent’s duty to notify the centre when medication has been discontinued.
  • It is the parent’s duty to notify the Centre when a child’s medication has been changed. A new medication sheet must be filled out.
  • Medication must be given to the staff directly as it cannot be kept in the cubby area.


Your child’s birthday is a very important day for celebration. We welcome your cupcakes or cake. No peanuts or nuts are allowed in the food. However, advance notice, at least a day is appreciated for planning.

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Health Care

Each child must be immunized. Since regulations require daily outdoor play for each child, it is our policy that a child that is too ill to fully participate remains at home. If a child becomes ill or has a fever during the day, the parent is contacted. Emergency contact information must be up to date at all times, and a contact person must be available to take the call in an emergency. Children will return only with a signed approval from the health centre.

Nap Time

Parents are requested not to take their children out of daycare during the nap time hours of 1:30-3:00PM because it disturbs the children who sleep in the same room.

Our policy is to communicate directly on a daily basis.

Duty to Report

It is the legal responsibility of every person who performs professional or official duties with respect to a child, to report abuse or any suspicions of child abuse encountered in the course of one’s work, to the university. This responsibility is extended to include any volunteers, students or support staff that has contact with the children. Persons failing to report suspicion of child abuse are subject to legal action. Suspected cases of child abuse by a staff member of the day nursery must be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs.

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Diaper Information

Our staff makes a concerted effort to return children to their parents with a clean diaper. Likewise parents are expected to drop off children in the daycare with clean diaper. If the daycare has to borrow from another family, you are responsible to replace the diaper(s).



Children playing on the daycare playground at Ross University's Preparatory School