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School Hours

Arrival / Dismissal: The RUSM Preparatory School begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm. Supervision for the children is provided ten minutes (10mins) before school begins.

Being punctual is an important part of being successful in school and in life. The beginning of the day sets a pace for the remainder of the day and parents are encouraged to have their children at school on time. Children who arrive on time, with a water bottle, at least two snacks, and their homework are best prepared to get the most out of the daily lessons and activities. The school day ends at 3:00pm so, parents are asked to pick up their children promptly at this time.


To report an absence, please email the teacher or call the school at (767) 255-6363. Parents must notify the school in writing, at least five school days in advance, of a student will be absent for an extended period of time. Make-up work is to be completed prior to the student’s return to school.

Parents are encouraged to work closely with their children in getting the work completed and turned in, in a timely manner.

Parents must notify their student’s teacher if their child is ill on a school day and will not be in attendance. Children with colds and communicable illnesses should be kept home for their best interest as well as that of the other students.

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School Attendance

Research indicates that a child gains most when he/she is in attendance at school on a daily basis and interacts with other students during the learning process. Regular attendance is important to succeed in school and establishes good work habits and self-discipline. School policy requires students to attend all scheduled classes each day unless there is a valid reason for the absence. If your child will not be in school, please notify the teacher as soon as possible. Absences and tardiness will be addressed on an individual basis, as needed. Keeping children out of school for reasons other than ill health is strongly discouraged.

After School Program

The Prep School offers an after school program designed specifically for the children of parents who are in classes or labs in the afternoon, from 3:00pm until 5:00pm. Parents must sign their child up for this service and will be required to pay a fee of $5.00US per day.

Early Dismissal

If it is necessary for a student to leave early, the student must bring a written request from the parent or guardian with all necessary information.

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Parents are responsible to pick their child(ren) up for lunch which is from 12:00pm until 1:00pm. Your child should carry at least two snacks to school, and a bottle of water.

General Dress Regulation

Appropriate dress and grooming is expected in an effort to provide a safe, healthy, orderly, and positive environment. Students are expected to come to school in appropriate attire for classroom learning.

  • Running shoes, a hat, shirts, modest length shorts or skirts.
  • Hats and other belongings with profanity or advertisements of tobacco, alcohol, or violence are prohibited.
  • Hats may not be worn in the school building.

If a student is not dressed appropriately for school, he/she will be asked to change clothing.

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Teachers will schedule conferences with you after each report card.

Please communicate with the teacher by email or phone to set an appointment to discuss any concerns. As you can well imagine, each teacher needs a lunch break to prepare for the afternoon and to renew energy or talk with a peer teacher, so please respect the noon closing, unless it is an emergency. Once the bell rings, and the children enter the school, please do not enter the classrooms unless it is necessary so that routines and classes can begin as planned.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious offense that is investigated by the child protection agencies. A teacher has the legal and professional responsibility to report suspicions of child abuse and /or neglect. Any report will be shared with the Dean of Student Affairs and the Dean of the University for appropriate follow-up. Laws related to child abuse in America will be respected on campus.

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Special Education

Students with Special Needs

To be eligible to attend, your child must have been identified as mildly learning disabled, and/or identified with ADHD. Your child must be on a successful modification plan or under the care of a physician if prescribed medication. The school does not have the resources to successfully administer a program for children with serious disabilities. Students who have exceptional needs for program modifications must have a recent psycho-educational assessment on file, conducted by a licensed school psychologist within the last two years. Once we have received the assessment results we can better determine whether we are able to serve the child in our program, since resources on the island are limited.

Any student who requires a special education assistant as deemed by a psycho educational assessment must have their needs reviewed by the principal and any other appropriate team members to ensure that the appropriate teacher assistant is hired, and that an appropriate program is delivered and regularly reviewed. Payment for the teacher assistant is the responsibility of the parent.

Telephone Use

The school telephones are meant to be used primarily by school personnel for school business.


Students are to leave all toys, games and electronics at home unless a request to bring them is made by the teacher. If students fail to comply, the material will be confiscated and may be returned at a later date. Only equipment approved by school personnel can be used during recess.

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Parents are welcome at school. Please make an appointment with the Administrative Assistant if you wish to meet with the principal or your child’s teacher.


The school welcomes volunteers to share in helping carry out the educational program. Volunteers can provide a valuable service by supervising writing centers, typing, and reading to children, listening to children read, practicing math facts with students, and many other kinds of activities. If you would like to be a volunteer, contact your child’s teachers. The principal will make the final decision on all volunteer assistance.

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Medication Policy

Whenever possible, the parent or guardian should make arrangements so that medication can be administered at home, before and after school. However, the school recognizes that some students may require medication that must be given during the school day. Medications will be administered only when the following requirements are met.

  1. The school and school personnel are NOT permitted to supply aspirin or Tylenol nor other medications for internal use.
  2. No medication will be administered without written consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. Such a note must be given to the teacher providing all the details necessary for administration to the student. All medications shall be stored in a safe place outside or the student’s access.

Prescription Medication And Required Laws

Prescription medication must be brought to the school in a container provided and properly labeled by the dispensing pharmacist with the physician’s order for the medication. Proper labeling for school containers includes:

  • Name of students
  • Name of Physician
  • Prescription number and date prescribe
  • Name and address of Pharmacy
  • Directions for administration and time(s) to be given at school
  • Special storage instructions (i.e. refrigeration required)

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Non-Prescription Medication

Non-prescription or over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer’s container and labeled with the student’s name. The parental request accompanying the medication must specify when the medication is to be given and the dosage for the individual student.

Assemblies and Awards

Each month there is a character theme and a curriculum theme that is integrated into the curriculum. At the end of each month there is an assembly whereby recognition and awards are given to the students who have demonstrated growth in these areas. Each class will share a class presentation, e.g. a song, a poem, a creative writing example, or skit to celebrate their learning in the themes. Parents are welcome to join us.

Light The Fire Program

“Education is not the filling of the pail but the lighting of a fire." -- Yeats

Light the Fire Program is a program that promotes a partnership between faculty and staff and the Preparatory School so teacher and student can share learning. By planning and delivering a lesson for the students, a “Guest Teacher” can light the curiosity and passion for the children’s learning, in a special way. Faculty can share their expertise and engage in a dynamic lesson of experiential learning.

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