Telecommunication Services


Cable & Wireless Dominica is the official telecommunications provider for the Ross University and has a Customer Service Centre on the Ross Campus to serve all your communications neeeds.

Cable & Wireless operates in over 80 countries globally and is the only provider in Dominica offering customers a full range of telecommunications services including: Prepaid and Post-paid Mobile, Netspeak VOIP, XNET high speed internet, Internet dialup, fixed line service, card service (800, Call USA), individual enhanced features such as voicemail, call waiting and caller ID, and packages such as Telemax, Smart Choice and Magic Touch to business and residential customers.

Cable & Wireless offers the BEST rates, BEST value, BEST coverage and BEST choice of communications solutions. As you travel around the island you will enjoy being part of the Cable & Wireless family, through our offering of convenient electronic TopUp, free incoming calls, and the lowest rates on outgoing calls to the United States.

For your convenience, you could also apply online by clicking on

For more information or rates:
Business: (767) 255-5121
Mobile: (767) 235-1247
Fax: (767) 445-4190

(Optional) You can also call Customer Service Toll Free at 1-800- 804-2994

Cable & Wireless Services
Dominica Limited
P.O. Box 6
Hanover Street
Roseau, Dominica
West Indies

Now at Ross University Housing fast, reliable broadband service and FREE calls to call USA,CAN UK Fixed lines for only US$63 a month (VAT inclusive). This service is powered by LIME.  (Broadband only - $US40 a month)


DIGICEL is operating in twenty Caribbean Destinations. Digicel offers the Best Coverage, Best Network, Best Value, Best Care in mobile phone service in Dominica.

Get unbeatable offers:

  • Lowest text rates – so text as much as you want!
  • Digicel has great services like Call Me & Credit Me.
  • 4 extra hours off peak time. So talk longer for cheaper!
  • Real per second billing on all calls!

DIGICEL meets all your telecommunication needs!

Our authorized local dealer is located conveniently right across Ross University School at Brother’s Restaurant in Picard Portsmouth.

Contact #: 1 767 616 2888 or 1 767 445 3755.

For 24 hours Customer Care Service dial 100 from your DIGICEL phone or internationally 1 767 616 (DIGI) 3444

Our business office is located on the:
Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard 
P.O. Box 2236

Business Hours: Monday – Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm.

For pre-orders or further details, contact
Nathalie Walsh – Sales Manager
Mobile #: 1 767 616 8500/8400
Office: 1 767 616 1502


Converter or Transformer?

You may be bringing something electrical that runs on 110 volts. The electrical system here is 220 volts. There are two kinds of devices that will convert 220 to 110, but be careful, a converter can damage your electronic equipment. Both devices are readily available in Dominica, can often be purchased used, and you probably will just cause yourself trouble by getting anything before you come.

You can spot a transformer when you see one. It's contains a lot of iron, it's heavy, and its expensive, but it is what you must have for electronic devices including battery chargers as well as computers or stereos. Transformers come in various sizes ranging upward from 50 watts. The price rises steeply with size, so check your stereo and see what you really need before you spend your money.

A converter is a little plastic box about 1 by 2 inches. Converters are usually rated at 1600 watts, and a 1600 watt converter costs a lot less than a 100 watt transformer. However, converters are only suitable for operating motors or resistance heaters - blow driers, si, TV sets, no! Actually, you don't have time for television, so go ahead and connect your TV to a converter and it won't bother you anymore. (Converters are just voltage choppers. They do not produce the sine wave output needed by electronic devices.)

Clocks designed for 110 volts will not run with either a converter or a transformer. Clocks depend on the 60 cycle frequency of 110 volt systems. 220 volts systems run at 50 cycles per second and transformers don't change the frequency. Your 110 volt clock will run 20% slow no matter what you do.