Dr. Oleg Gusakov Rushed to Help Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings


When the bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Dr. Oleg Gusakov’s first instinct was to rush back to his hospital to help the victims. “As soon as it happened I went back to Boston Medical Center (BMC),” he said. “I just went to help.”

By the time Gusakov, a 2005 graduate of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), made the seven-minute drive to BMC, a few of the wounded had already arrived. Very quickly, many more patients were brought in.

BMC is the busiest trauma center in New England. Gusakov, who directs the Menino Pavilion Department of Anesthesiology at BMC, explained that he and his colleagues regularly see the most horrific injuries, but never on such a scale, not with this number of people. “It was organized chaos, but well-managed,” he said of the scene. “There were injuries to the extremities, abdominal injuries, burn injuries. I went from one room to the other helping the most unstable patients.”

A native of Latvia, Gusakov, 35, grew up thinking that he wanted to be in the medical field. He immigrated to the US in 1995. Following his graduation from RUSM, he completed his residency at BMC and joined the staff in 2009. He is also an instructor of anesthesiology at Boston University School of Medicine.

In the hours and days following the initial scene, being engrossed in helping patients “kept me from thinking about what happened,” Gusakov said. The emotions came later. “I felt really sad. In the following days I saw patients coming back for follow up. I kept myself busy.”