Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Alan Bateson Brings Research Track Record to Pharmacology Department


Alan Bateson

Alan Bateson

Dr. Alan N. Bateson, professor of pharmacology in RUSM’s department of pharmacology, has published 50 refereed papers, 24 book chapters, reviews and non-refereed papers, and 95 abstracts, and he has edited three books. Prior to joining the faculty in Dominica two years ago, he taught at the University of Leeds in the UK, and before that, at the University of Alberta in Canada.  His research in molecular pharmacology focused on, “how long-term exposure to drugs like Valium results in a reduction in effect, known as tolerance,” he explained. The answer lies in, “the expression of genes that encode these receptors,” he said. “By identifying more specific drugs, there’s a chance of reducing such tolerance.”

Bateson, who earned his Ph.D. from Kings College, University of London, in the UK, is also the chair of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Selection Committee. Vanier awards are the premier doctoral scholarships in Canada.

What motivated Bateson’s move to Dominica, together with his wife, Jane Bateson, Ph.D., who runs RUSM’s METI-LS? “I was at a point in my career where I had achieved significant things in research, but I also really enjoy teaching,” he said. “What I really like here is the focus on teaching. It’s all about the student. It’s a great mission.”

As chair of the RUSM Leadership Conference Abstract Review Committee, Bateson was involved in selecting the short orals, posters, and lecture  presented at the event Sept. 26-29. “The breadth and quality of the research being done across the whole RUSM community really bodes well for our students,” he said. “There are a number of abstracts from junior faculty and students, as first authors or co-authors, and from people across our clinical sites.  It’s exciting to read about the research our colleagues are doing.”