Faculty Spotlight


“At Ross, neuroscience is taught in conjunction with gross anatomy, so when our students are learning head and neck anatomy, we’re paralleling those lessons in neuroscience by teaching them the cranial nerves, meninges, central nervous system blood supply and systems neuroscience.

We cover everything from the basic science to the really fascinating subjects of sleep, higher cortical function, consciousness, and memory. Our program does a great job at integrating both didactic lectures and lab work, which provides students with a complete appreciation of the elegant mysteries of the central nervous system.

In lectures, we incorporate a lot of active learning where students work with brain specimens, props, and video clips. During laboratory sessions, students also have the opportunity to work with real human tissue such as brain stems and spinal cords, which greatly enhances their understanding of the material and is just one of the things that set our program apart.

We strive to incorporate clinical applications that bring the basic science courses to life, and I think the success that our students have demonstrated in this area of medicine really speaks for itself.”

                                                                                                                                                 —Laura Welke, PhD