Members of Ross University's Adventist Fellowship Help Care for Those in Need

Medical Students Provide Health Screenings, Companionship and Resources to Seniors and Inmates


(North Brunswick, NJ)—As part of its community outreach program, a dozen student members of Ross University School of Medicine’s Adventist Fellowship—a group dedicated to caring for the underserved—recently visited the Stock Farm State Prison, in Roseau, and the Northern District Home for the Aged, in Portsmouth, to donate their medical skills and time.

For the past three years, Fellowship members have visited the prison every semester to educate the inmates on health care issues, provide medical screenings, and donate books to the prison library. During their latest visit on October 11, Ross students checked the blood pressure and blood glucose levels of 137 men, assisted with referrals, and replaced medical equipment including a glucometer for a diabetic inmate whose meter was no longer functioning.

“As an organization that believes in the healing power of love, the Fellowship’s mission is to help those who have nowhere else to turn, regardless of their circumstances. The prison officials are grateful for the medical visits and view them as a valuable complement to the facility’s own health services. At the same time, these future doctors gain valuable hands-on experience on how to treat patients, even under unusual circumstances,” said Dr. Yasmin Allison-Burnett, associate professor and director of health services for Ross University and the Fellowship’s faculty advisor.

On October 18, the group visited with residents of the Northern District Home for the Aged, where they performed blood pressure screening on ambulatory residents. Fourteen senior citizens reside in this facility, many without family to visit or care for them. The students also spent time interacting with the residents and listening to their stories of what life was like when they were young. Before leaving, the students donated $300.00/US to the facility.

“The lesson of the importance of listening to a patient is one that these students will carry with them for the rest of their lives,” said Dr. Allison-Burnett. “The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing the life stories of the residents, who were in turn equally pleased to tell them. The Fellowship hopes to continue to visit these wonderful people in the years ahead.”

The mission of Ross University’s Adventist Fellowship is to care for the body and spirit of the patient.

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