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Maggi Gyuricska with an Old Navy modelquin.

Maggi Gyuricska with an Old Navy modelquin.

July 12, 2010—(North Brunswick, NJ)—When Maggi Gyuricska, 25, of Abbotsford, Canada, won the Old Navy SuperModelquin contest and the $100,000 grand prize, no one needed to ask her what she was going to do next because they already knew—Maggi is going to Ross University School of Medicine to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a physician!

 “All my friends and family know that I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was five years old,” Maggi said. “Everything I’ve ever done has been with that goal in mind, but I never thought that logistics and money could prevent me from doing it.”

Maggi was not eligible to receive any bank loans to fund her medical school education, which almost put her dream on hold.

“I was basically ineligible because my mom couldn’t be a co-signer,” she explained. “She’s a single mom and has done everything for me, but because she doesn’t own our home she didn’t have anything to use as collateral. It was a hard time for us when we heard that.”

Not one to accept defeat, Maggi started to look into other means of funding, such as scholarships. But everywhere she turned seemed to lead to a dead end. Then, her mother, Delilah, suggested she enter the Old Navy contest.

“I thought it was a crazy idea at first,” Maggi said. “But when I told my friends about it they were really supportive and started a Facebook page called ‘Facebook Friends Vote Online and Help Send Me to Med School,’ and literally thousands of people joined it and voted for me and I ended up being a finalist.”

According to Maggi, things happened very quickly after that. She flew to Hollywood to tape a commercial which was aired on the Old Navy website, and her story was published in newspapers and TV stations across Canada.

“I think half of British Columbia saw my story and how I had entered to go to med school but didn’t have the money, and I ended up winning,” she said. “I found out a few weeks ago but was sworn to secrecy, so my mom and I had a toast of champagne in our basement so no one would see. When Old Navy called I was in the parking lot of British Columbia Children’s Hospital where I volunteer, which was exciting because it tied into the whole reason of why I’m doing this. I had no idea it would become such a huge thing or that I would inspire so many people – it’s really overwhelming for me right now.”

With the contest over, Maggi is glad to be focusing on what matters most to her. Until August 25th when she leaves for Ross, she will continue her volunteer work at the hospital where she helps take care of sick children, and keep on preparing for medical school.

“I’m so excited to start at Ross and am grateful to have been given this chance to be a doctor. It’s a dream come true.”  

About Ross University School of Medicine
Ross University was founded in 1978 and is a provider of medical and veterinary education offering doctor of medicine and doctor of veterinary medicine degree programs. Located in Dominica, West Indies, the School of Medicine places more graduates into US residencies annually than any other medical school in the world and has clinical education centers in Miami, FL; Freeport, Grand Bahama; and Saginaw, MI. The School of Veterinary Medicine is located in St. Kitts.

Ross University’s administrative offices are located in North Brunswick, NJ. For more information about Ross University, visit or call 732.509.4600/877.ROSS.EDU.


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