RUSM Clinical Students Have More Options to Finance their Education

A new loan program offers up to $75,000


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A new loan program, offered by DeVry Medical International (DMI), is available to assist RUSM students in semesters 6-10. The DMI loan is designed to address financial challenges a student may experience after exhausting all other funding sources such as provincial and private loans. Eligible students may cumulatively receive up to $75,000 to cover tuition and fees.

This loan program, which does not involve a credit check or require a co-signer, will offer a minimum of $1,000 per semester with a maximum of $25,000, not to exceed a cumulative loan amount of $75,000. Applications are accepted as funding is available. Eligible recipients may receive funds on a first come, first served basis.

For more information and additional loan terms, contact the Financial Aid department.

About DeVry Medical International

DeVry Medical International, Inc. is a subsidiary of DeVry, Inc., one of the world’s largest providers of education services. DMI facilitates and supports American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and Medical Education Review Program.