RUSM Launches New Two-Track Curriculum


Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) will commence a two-track curriculum for the Foundations of Medicine (FOM) portion with the May 2013 incoming class, offering two options for student success.

The new Foundations of Medicine curriculum will be five semesters in length and the accelerated track will be four semesters. The two tracks will constitute the same program of study. To create as seamless a transition as possible, the 5-semester track will simply be called “the curriculum.” The 4-semester track will be known as the “accelerated” curriculum.

By the end of Semester 1, students will choose between the 5-semester and the 4-semester accelerated Foundations of Medicine curriculum. Students will receive academic counseling to guide their choice of track, but no student will be mandated to enter either track. Students can freely choose either track.

Grading for the first semester will be on a pass/fail basis, and a grade of “high pass” will be added to the first semester grading options. From Semester 2 onward, grading will be on a letter-grade basis. Also starting with the May 2013 cohort, a new GPA calculation will go into effect. A failing grade for a course that is subsequently passed, will show up on the transcript as “F/P” (whatever the letter Pass grade is will replace the “P”) and the F will not factor into the GPA calculation, as is the norm at most universities.

The chart below compares the two curriculum tracks.



4-semester accelerated  curriculum

5-semester curriculum


Same program of study

Same Semester 1

Semesters 2, 3, 4

Same program of study

Same Semester 1

Semesters 2,3,4,5 with fewer modules per semester and integrated study breaks



4 x semesters’ tuition

4 x semesters’ tuition and 25% savings of tuition rates for Semester 5 only


Financial Aid

No change

No change



Foundations of Medicine


Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine  and Clinical Rotations





60 weeks



90 weeks




150 weeks


75 weeks



90 weeks




165 weeks