RUSVM Alumna Named Head of Physical Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine



Animal Specialty Group (ASG), a multidisciplinary veterinary specialty hospital in Southern California, announced the addition of RUSVM alumna Dr. Debra Voulgaris to its team, where she will head up the Physical Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine department. She will provide patients and veterinarian partners with a wide variety of rehabilitative and integrative treatments, including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, therapeutic laser, biopuncture and more.

Dr. Voulgaris’s role doesn’t stop at Physical Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine. When appropriate, she will collaborate with ASG’s board-certified team of specialists –including Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, and Critical Care-- to provide pets with comprehensive multi-disciplinary care. This ensures that patients receive optimal full-body support on the road to recovery and wellness.

“We’re proud to welcome Dr. Voulgaris to the ASG family,” said hospital administrator, Steve Katz. “Her reputation is outstanding, her expertise is unparalleled, and her way with patients is both compassionate and empathetic. She brings tremendous value to our patients, not just through our Physical Rehab and Integrative Medicine Department, but throughout the hospital as a whole.”

Likewise, Dr. Voulgaris is thrilled to be part of the Animal Specialty Group team. "I am thrilled to be part of the ASG team. I am honored to be working with such a distinguished group of veterinary professionals".

More on Dr. Debra Voulgaris

Debra Voulgaris, DVM, MA, CVA, CCRP, is an expert in integrative medicine for canine, feline, equine, camelid, and porcine patients. In addition, Dr. Voulgaris is a member of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) exam committee, the prestigious group that sets the standards for acupuncture certification among veterinarians nationwide.

She has published multiple peer-reviewed articles in several prominent publications including Anesthesia & Analgesia, The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, and The American Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Voulgaris attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed her clinical year at Louisiana State University. She then furthered her education through a pain management and anesthesia internship at the University of Georgia. In 2006, she served as a veterinary associate at an integrative medicine practice in Brooklyn, NY.

For three years, Dr. Voulgaris served as an anesthesia and pain management resident at the University of Tennessee, where she became the University’s sole equine acupuncturist and also has given numerous lectures on integrative medicine for canine, feline, equine, camelid, and porcine patients.

Dr. Voulgaris is dedicated to delivering the absolute best care possible to patients with integrity, experience and compassion.