Ross University School of Medicine Draws Canadian Students


Over the last five years, nearly 250 students from British Columbia have enrolled at Ross, making the medical school an important option for Canadian students seeking to become physicians.

Ross enrolls three new classes each year. From January to April 2013, about seven percent of the school’s student body enrolled was from Canada and this year 10 students from British Columbia received medical degrees from Ross.

Tom Harkness, senior associate director of admissions at Ross and a resident of Ontario, leads the school’s recruitment in Canada. Harkness places special emphasis on establishing long-term relationships with the students he meets.

“I support Canadian students throughout their medical education - from enrollment to residency,” he said.“From financial aid to preparing for the Canada residency match program, we focus on making sure those students have all the resources they need to succeed."

Ross students begin their journey to become physicians on the school’s campus in Dominica, located in the West Indies. Students complete a rigorous basic science curriculum, supported by high-tech instructional technology, including an anatomy and medical imaging laboratory and a simulation center where students begin to develop clinical skills. Students then complete their medical education by taking core and elective clinical rotations in U.S., Canada, and UK.

An active student group on the Ross campus is the Canadian Student Society. The organization coordinates events ranging from ball hockey to Canadian Thanksgiving to campus programs where Ross alumni from Canada share their invaluable experiences.

To help Canadian students navigate their journey through Ross, a Canadian Student Handbook was created, a step-by-step guide to the unique nuances of Canadian students seeking a medical education abroad. For example, the manual informs students early in their medical education about the process of taking the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination which is required to apply for residency in Canada.

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