Ross University Sent Major Delegation to Annual Meeting of International Association of Medical Science Educators


Edison, N.J. – Ross University School of Medicine sent 50 representatives to the 10th annual meeting of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 15-18, 2006. Encompassing faculty and administration from the Ross University School of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and corporate headquarters, the group is emblematic of the University’s longstanding focus on the importance of teaching basic science in its curriculum.


“The sheer size of this delegation and the enthusiasm shown by each and every member is a testament to the importance, we as an institution, place on teaching medicine and developing the best doctors,” said Dr. Thomas C. Shepherd, President of Ross University.


There were 250 attendees from 21 countries at this year’s IAMSE annual meeting. In addition to Ross University’s overall participation, a number of faculty members and administrators made presentations and submitted abstracts. Dr. John Szarek was the program chair as well as a presenter in addition to these Ross University School of Medicine and School of Veterinary Medicine faculty members listed below :


Dr. Noel Boaz – “Hands-On Teaching of the Cranial Nerves and Their Foramina Using an Evo-Devo Systems Approach”


Kal Winston, Dr. John Szarek and Dr. Charles Seidel - “Establishing an Integrated Approach to Academic Success Programs and Services”


Dr. Raymond King – “Scholars Program: Targeting Independent, Adult-Learners in Medical School” (Finalist for the IAMSE “Outstanding Presentation Award”)


Dr. Arthur Schipul and Dr. Anne White – “Simulated Fundoscopy: An Economical Medical Education Technique”


Dr. Michael Smith, Dr. Raphaela Stimmelmayr and Dr. Robert Kainer – “Problem-Based Learning Using Mini-Rounds to Illustrate Key Topics in Histology and Embryology for First Semester Veterinary Students”


Dr. David Vogel – “Authorware for Intelligent, Interactive, Computer Instruction”


Kal Winston – “Identifying and Resolving Problems with at Risk Students” (Finalist for the IAMSE “Outstanding Presentation Award”)


Dr. Stephen Wood, Dr. Charles Seidel, Dr. Jose Rojas, Dr. David Vogel and Dr. Birgit Nardell – “Confidence Based Marking for Medical Students” (Finalist for the IAMSE “Outstanding Presentation Award”


The annual IAMSE meeting provided educators with an opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world and receive an intense faculty development experience. The organization was founded in 1997 based on the principle that all who teach the sciences fundamental to the practice of medicine should have access to the most current information and skills needed to succeed in their task. IAMSE is organized and directed by medical faculty members who together provide opportunities to increase skills in lecture technique, small group dynamics, student and program assessment, computer technology, human simulators, and many other areas. The organization has members in more than 40 countries.