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Seeth Vivek, MD, DLFAPA, has joined RUSM as Associate Professor and Chair of Psychiatry.


Dr. Vivek's nearly 40-year career has included a number of leadership roles in New York state, where he currently serves as the president of the New York State Psychiatric Association and Chairman of the Departments of Psychiatry and Addiction Services at Jamaica and Flushing Hospitals in Queens, New York. He is also the past president of the Queens County Psychiatric Society.

Dr. Vivek will draw upon his experience in mental health advocacy and organized medicine to help RUSM students gain a better understanding of mental health issues and addiction medicine.

“Dr. Vivek has been a leader in the field of psychiatry as a clinician, educator and an administrator. With his 360 degree view of medicine, he offers unique insight that will help us enhance our clinical training in psychiatry at our affiliate U.S. teaching hospitals throughout the country,” says Dr. Vijay Rajput, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences at RUSM. “As students are exposed to Dr. Vivek’s passion for psychiatry and benefit from his extensive experience, students will gain a better understanding of career opportunities in the field and how to establish a path to achieve their aspirations.”

“I spent a significant part of my career encouraging colleagues to escape the trap of offering ‘one size fits all’ treatments for their patients. A diagnosis should include all elements and a treatment plan should be comprehensive,” says Dr. Vivek. “I look forward to challenging RUSM students at this stage in their journey about how they think about mental health and treatment for patients.”  

Dr. Vivek has been deeply devoted to training the next generation of physicians. He has served as an examiner for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  As a beloved teacher, Dr. Vivek was awarded the Leo Davidoff Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching.  Other awards Dr. Vivek has received include the Red Cross Award for Distinguished Service following the events of September 11, the Harvey Bluestone Award for Distinguished Service and many other accolades to recognize his public service.

Dr. Vivek is board certified in general psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, addiction psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and addiction medicine.