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About Ross University School of Medicine

Founded in 1978, Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) has been providing students with the foundation they need to pursue successful careers in medicine for over 40 years. The Ross University School of Medicine experience is “Dedita Scientiae Medendi”—dedicated to the science of healing. We are proud of our rich tradition of preparing students for their life’s work as physicians.

Ross University School of Medicine Location

Ross University School of Medicine's campus is located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Ross students complete their medical sciences curriculum in Barbados. Your clinical rotations - the majority of your training - are completed in the United States at leading teaching hospitals across the country. 

Student Disability Services

Ross University School of Medicine is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. RUSM maintains a process for students to use should they wish to request an accommodation. PROCESS  The first step in the accommodation request process is to contact the Office of Student Disability Services (OSDS) at rossmedosds@adtalem.com or 855.229.0848.


Dr. Heidi Chumley was named dean of Ross University School of Medicine in 2021, where she is responsible for advancing the university’s mission and vision to create equitable opportunities through an experiential medical education program within an inclusive environment.

Board of Trustees

Meet the RUSM Board of Trustees.

Get to Know Your Leaders

RUSM leaders foster a positive and motivating culture of care for students, faculty, staff and alumni who stay connected beyond their academic journey. We graduate exceptional physicians who transform the medical wellbeing and healthcare of people worldwide.

Faculty and Staff

Ross Med School Faculty - Our faculty’s mission is to educate future physicians, and they stand out for making sure Ross students have the support they need to succeed.