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Each year, Ross University School of Medicine welcomes students from Canada to medical school. We enjoy hearing from aspiring medical school students in Canada who look forward to continuing their medical careers back up north after receiving their medical education at Ross.

At a Glance: Ross and Canada

  • Canadian students comprise about ten percent of the Ross medical school student body. 
  • Ross Canadian students have earned competitive residency spots across Canada, including surgery at the University of Toronto, family medicine at the University of British Columbia, paediatrics at McMaster University and anesthesiology at the University of Manitoba.
  • Canadian students have attained residencies in a wide variety of disciplines, including anesthesiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, neurology, neuropathology, radiation oncology, and more.

Alumni Stories

  • Kristen Bortolin, MD ('16)

    Pediatrics at Western University

    “I still can’t believe I matched in Canada,” she says. “I am so honored to have been chosen to train at [Western].”

  • Rachelle Krause, MD ('14)

    Internal Medicine at University of Toronto

    "The rigor of the program is top-notch, and you are exposed to so many different medical scenarios and cultures—more than you would be at any other school."

  • Candice Todd, MD ('14)

    Neurology at University of Toronto

    "You really focus on your schooling and education, and [Ross] teaches you a real respect for the field. And sometimes, I do miss waking up and wearing shorts every day."

  • Keith Morgan, MD ('13)

    Sports Medicine Fellowship at University of Ottawa

    “I took the determination I needed as an athlete, and put it into medicine,” he said. “I’ve got to say I worked pretty hard, but I enjoyed my time; and I enjoyed some of the stuff the island had to offer.”

  • Panagiotis "Taki" Galanopoulos, MD, MSC, FAAFP ('07)

    Outpatient physician at PrimeCare Medical Clinic, British Columbia

    "The education that I received was top quality, and the professors had our best interests—as well as that of our future patients—at heart."


Since 2011, Ross Canadian students have earned 70+ competitive residency positions across Canada, and another 590+ in the United States.* Specialties earned include anesthesiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, laboratory medicine, neurology, neuropathology, obstretics-gynecology, pediatrics, physical medicine, psychiatry, radiology, and surgery.


Student Support: The ROSS Model

At Ross, we've established the Rely on Student Services (ROSS) model to provide clinical students with the support they need.


  • Ross' basic sciences curriculum is called Foundations of Medicine. The curriculum, which mixes traditional classroom-based learning with clinically relevant hands-on activities, is designed to prepare students for licensure and practice in the United States or Canada.
  • In addition to the teaching hospitals Ross is affiliated with throughout the United States, Ross offers opportunities for students to complete clinical training in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Ross has clinical affiliations with the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) and Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Essex in the UK.
  • Recently Ross students have conducted elective clerkships at more than two dozen clinical sites in Canada.

Financial Aid Information

  • For information about the loans, scholarships and grants available in your province, please visit the Canadian Government’s official website for the Student Assistance Program (SAP).
  • Canadian students may be eligible for loans through the Canadian government and/or private loan programs. For more information, please refer to the Financial Planning Guide for Canadian Students[PDF].
  • For more information, please call 732-509-3051 or email finaid@rossu.edu.
  • Please note that Ross only accepts U.S. currency for payment.


Canadian Banks Offering Student Lines Of Credit

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