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Steen   Pedersen

Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Steen Pedersen joined Ross University in the spring of 2017. Prior to that he had 27 years as a faculty member at Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. The main focus of his efforts there were running a lab dedicated to applying biophysical techniques, such as fluorescence and stopped-flow kinetics to understanding the mechanism of ion channels. His lab was supported by federal and private funding for more than twenty years.

Over the course of his tenure at Baylor, Dr. Pedersen taught various courses in cell biology, biochemistry, ion Channels, and grant writing skills to graduate students. In addition, he taught metabolism in the medical school to first year medical students for several years. In addition he participated actively in faculty educational development, including serving on the Fullbright and Jaworski Award review panel and chairing the Educational Research committee.

Upon joining Ross University, Dr. Pedersen has been involved in teaching in the biochemistry component of the basic science curriculum, focusing on metabolism.

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