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Sybille   Koenig

Manager, Standardized Patients Program

Sibylle Koenig has extensive experience in the medical field. She started her medical career in 1987 as a medical assistant in a busy internal medicine doctor’s office conducting lab work, X-rays, EKGs, assisting in smaller surgeries, dispensing medications and being the office receptionist.

After meeting the many admissions criteria, she successfully graduated in 1992 from the midwifery school in Bern, Switzerland and subsequently Mrs. Koenig worked in Labor and Delivery units where she provided hospital-based pregnant women care before, during and after delivery and where she was in charge of physiological and pathological childbirth.
In 1998 she traveled to the US and a vacation ultimately turned into a new career in the States. Initially she conducted home births in the role of an assistant midwife, but then worked for several years as nutritionist in a large, privately owned health food store assisting customers with their nutritional needs.

After graduating from nursing school in 2007, she worked for two years as a home health care nurse and case manager in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. After moving to Dominica in 2009, she became RUSM’s coordinator for the Standardized Patient (SP) program in 2010 and has successfully managed the SP program for RUSM. Mrs. Koenig has furthered her education and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2011 and in 2016 she completed her Master’s degree in nursing with the emphasis of nursing education.

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