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Carey   James

Vice President of Operations

Carey James, Vice President of Operations, has served RUSM in a wide variety of roles for more than a decade. He is currently responsible for RUSM operations, across all campus and affiliate hospital locations. Additionally, Mr. James led relief and business continuity efforts for RUSM in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, including the RUSM floating campus, temporary campus in Knoxville, TN and satellite campus in St. Kitts. Mr. James joined RUSM in 2004 as an Assistant Professor in the Biochemistry Department, served as a member of the Faculty Admissions Committee, and co-founded the RUSM scholars program. In 2007, he joined the Admissions Department, where he has served in numerous leadership capacities, most recently as Associate Dean of Operations, Analysis, and Admissions.

During his tenure, Mr. James has played an integral role in securing residency placement for RUSM graduates.  One of his passions is developing individuals and he has done that with the colleagues he has managed and also the students he has counselled for admissions.  He takes great pride in identifying key talent and helping individuals on the path to success.

Prior to RUSM, Mr. James research as a graduate student at Ohio State was integral to the discovery of the 22nd known genetically encoded amino acid, Pyrrolysine. His publications include peer reviewed articles in Science and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  Mr. James is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the Keller School of Business.