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Raymond F.   Adebiyi PhD

Professor of Immunology and Microbiology

Raymond F. Adebiyi, PhD, is a Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at Ross University School of Medicine and served for many years as an Associate Dean on the Dominica campus. He began his academic career in Lagos, Nigeria, and moved to the United States as an academic exchange scholar. He completed his undergraduate years at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis from which he graduated with distinction. He then undertook postgraduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine as a Curators’ scholar and later at the University of London, United Kingdom, as an Inter-University Council scholar. His research work was in the area of immunology and immunopathology of infectious diseases with a focus on the mechanisms of leukocyte chemotaxis and the immune response to malaria.

Prior to joining Ross University, Dr Adebiyi taught immunology and immunopathology at the University of Ibadan School of Medicine. While at Ibadan, he served as National Secretary of the Nigerian Society for Immunology and was managing editor of the Nigerian Journal of Immunology. He was a Fellow in Immunology at the World Health Organization in Geneva and a Commonwealth Medical Fellow at the John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford University and the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (now Imperial College) in London. He is a member of several professional organizations and a regular participant and presenter at international scientific meetings. 

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