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MD Program

If you are seeking a rigorous, hands-on, medical education, expert faculty whose sole focus is on teaching; and a global health perspective that other medical programs can only offer as short-term electives, then look no further. Our distinguished faculty are at the forefront of their fields, and become essential partners in our students’ development. And we are committed to providing our students with a range of global medical opportunities that will enable them to develop the kinds of life and professional skills that will make them stand out in residency, and beyond.

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Why Ross?

Top Reasons Students Choose Ross

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RUSM offers two tracks in the Medical Sciences Program: a four-semester accelerated track and a five-semester track.

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MD/MPH Degree

RUSM has partnered with Chamberlain University College of Health Professions (Chamberlain) to offer a unique opportunity to pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the same time as your MD degree.

Support for Student Success


Our faculty feature over sixty full-time Basic Sciences faculty members

Academic Support

RUSM offers students a support network that links every Ross student with a team of advisors dedicated to their academic success

Residency Appointments

In 2021, with a pass rate of 92%, Ross placed 597 current and former students in 24 disciplines. 


Curriculum Timeline

Residency Timeline 1
Residency Timeline Step 2
Residency timeline step 3
Residency Timeline Step 1- Mobile
Residency Timeline Step 5- Mobile




Checking the Pulse: RUSM Podcast

RUSM Podcast Episode 1
Episode 1

Episode 1 "MD Program Introduction" Welcome to Ross University School of Medicine! In this medical school podcast episode is an introduction to our MD program, covering who we are, our timeline, location, curriculum, rotations and outcomes, like board pass rates and residency matches.

Episode 6: MD vs DO
Episode 6

MD or DO? In this episode, one of our grads discusses the differences and similarities between a Medical Doctor and a Doctor of Osteopathy, and why she chose her path.