RUSM Weather Alert


In the event of a developing storm, RUSM will update this page with timely information, including any changes to campus status and shelter operations.  

Official notifications will also be sent via email, the RUSM SIREN emergency alert system, our Safe App (available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store), and our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).  

Weather Systems of Interest

Currently None


Previous Alerts

Hurricane Elsa (July 2, 2021)

UPDATED: July 2, 2021 3:30 PM ET

Hurricane Elsa is moving away from Barbados after intensifying into a Category 1 hurricane early this morning. We can expect periods of rainfall to continue throughout the afternoon, but weather should clear by this evening. 

Power and water outages have been reported throughout Barbados. Barbados Light and Power will begin maintenance and repairs once they determine is it safe to do so. Our campus at LESC currently has power, internet, and water. At Coverley, power and internet are down but water is on. 

LESC remains open as a shelter but campus and Coverley administrative buildings remain closed for in-person academic activities and study until further notice. When we are able to reopen them for student access, we will send out a notice. If you were previously signed up for an activity, please check your email for specific instructions. 

RUSM has been conducting wellness checks to ensure that all RUSM campus community members are safe and accounted for. If you are in need of help or assistance, please contact our security team at 1-246-637-8001 (LESC) or 1-246-627-8011 (Coverley). We also ask that you confirm your on/off island status in the RUSM Safe App ( Google Play / Apple App Store) by clicking the Barbados Campus tab.  

Please stay safe and monitor your email for additional updates. Importantly, remain inside for your safety and until Barbados government gives the all clear to move around outside.   

Tropical Storm Elsa (July 1, 2021)

UPDATED: July 1, 2021 9:30 PM ET

Campus is closed in preparation for Tropical Storm (TS) Elsa. TS Elsa remains on its projected path and is expected to pass approximately 40 miles to our South between 4:00 am – 10:00 am tomorrow morning. This is a quickly moving storm and should clear our area by 12:00 pm tomorrow. 


Weather Impacts 

  • Rainfall will begin around midnight tonight 
  • More intense rain and wind will occur between 4:00 am – 10:00 am Friday morning 
  • 2-4 inches of rainfall and sustained winds of 40 mph expected; localized flooding is possible 
  • Conditions should improve by 12:00 pm tomorrow 


Campus Status & Academic Updates 


Campus is currently closed and will remain closed for in-person academic activities and operations until further notice. We may be able to reopen campus later tomorrow but that will depend on several factors. In the meantime, we are proactively taking the below steps. Check your email for updates from the Department of Medical Education and Curriculum Office regarding your specific academic schedule: 

  • The CBSE exam scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00 pm noon has been rescheduled. Impacted students should have received a communication from the Exam Center with specific instructions. 
  • If you were scheduled to attend the in-person lab today, you can now access the recording of the online lab session held earlier.
  • Other in-person academic activities have been rescheduled. Check Panopto for activities that have been recorded.
  • Lectures and other academic content for tomorrow and Week 9 will be posted to Canvas this evening so students can download those materials in case of power and internet outages. 


Shelter Instructions 


Students in RUSM Housing at Coverley can shelter-in-place at their residential homes. Please refer to the safety guidance below to prepare yourself and your home for inclement weather. By now, someone from our facilities team should have installed your hurricane shutters. If your shutters were not installed, contact security at 1-246-627-8011 so we can send someone to your home.  


LESC is now open as a voluntary place to shelter. If you plan to shelter with us, please bring important documents (e.g. passport, visa, insurance), water and non-perishable food items, bedding (pillow, blanket or sleeping bag), toiletries, and your phone and phone charger.


Safety Guidelines 


In the event of any storm, campus community members are encouraged to follow our safety best practices, including: 

  • Ensure all windows and doors are properly secured and locked during the storm 
  • Charge your items now in case of a power outage and have a flashlight handy
  • Do not venture outside during the storm 
  • Fill up jugs and water bottles in case water gets turned off
  • Follow the instructions of RUSM security 
  • Stay away from windows during a storm 
  • RUSM security numbers are listed on the back of your ID if you require assistance 


Finally, please ensure that your current location is marked in the RUSM Safe App (Google Play / Apple App Store ). From the home screen, click “Barbados Campus” then “On/Off Island Status Report, and indicate if you are in Barbados.  


We will continue to monitor TS Elsa’s progress and keep you informed of local weather impacts as well as a decision on when campus will reopen for academic activities.