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Clubs & Organizations

As a medical school student, your primary focus will be on your studies; however, your fellow Rossies can attest to the fact that it is important to take a break every now and again to rest and recharge, and enjoy the communal atmosphere of our student-centered campus. 

Ross students have the opportunity to participate in more than 40 clubs and organizations. No matter where your interest lies, you’re sure to find a group or activity to join—and if not, we encourage you to step up and start a new one. With a student body as diverse and spirited as ours, there’s always something new and interesting going on! 

“There is a plethora of groups here at Ross University. Everything from academic groups like Phi Delta Epsilon, to dancing groups like Rhythm, to fun groups like Surgery or Salybia. These groups allow to de-stress from your academic work. They provide an outlet for fun, for networking, and enjoying the island outside of the classroom.”

– -Biren Patel, 2nd Semester Student, New Jersey
  • Ross Internal Medicine

Medical Groups

  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

    The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

  • Family Medicine Club

    Family Medicine Club

  • Military Medicine Interest Group

    This club is for Ross University School of Medicine students interested in learning more about military service as a physician, giving back to veterans, and being excellent in all we do!

  • Neuroscience Society

    Neuroscience Society

  • Ophthalmology Interest Club (OPTIC)

    The Ross University Ophthalmology Interest Club is committed to providing its members with clinical and educational opportunities relating to ophthalmology. We strive to expose students to specialties available in ophthalmic practice and connect interested members with alumni currently working in the field. The group is also dedicated to fostering relationships with both local and regional specialists to allow students a look at clinical ophthalmic care.

  • Ross Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    This group was created in order to facilitate another way of effective communication between EMS staff.

  • Ross Emergency Medicine Association (REMA)

    The Ross Emergency Medicine Association (REMA) is dedicated to the promotion of Emergency Medicine and Clinical Skills to all students of Ross University.

  • Ross Internal Medicine

    The mission of the Ross University Internal Medicine club is to introduce medical students to the field of internal medicine, provide them with hands on opportunities, and improve healthcare services in Barbados. We strive to provide valuable volunteer opportunities through our involvement in the community. We offer clinical skill practice and lunch discussions on various internal medicine related topics.

  • Ross OB/GYN

    Ross OB/GYN is devoted to the disciplines of clinical reproductive medicine and to creating awareness regarding the continual evolution of women's health.

  • Ross Oncology Society

    Mission Statement: To provide medical students with knowledge and experience relating to oncology as a career path, to educate youth in Barbados about cancer and known carcinogens, and to raise and donate funds to projects that improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Barbados.

  • Ross Radiology Club

    Diagnostic imaging is an important part of medicine. Our goal at the Ross Radiology Club is to explore the field of imaging and its respective sub-specialties through presentations and hands on experience.

  • Ross University Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)

    The Association of Women Surgeons is committed to supporting the professional and personal needs of female surgeons at various stages in their career.

  • Ross University Cardiology Club

    To serve the students of Ross University School of Medicine by providing opportunities to participate in events that are fundamentally educational and serve to enrich the overall experience of medical school, as well as to serve the Barbadian community by providing free health clinics and distributing much needed healthcare supplies to Barbadian citizens with chronic disease.

  • Ross University Pediatric Students Association (PEDS)

    We are dedicated to performing community service by giving back to the children of Barbados. With the help of our wonderful members, among other volunteers, we provide Pediatric clinics to at least 2 Barbadian schools per semester.

  • Ross University Psychiatry Association (RUPA)

    The Ross University Psychiatry Association aims to introduce students to the discipline of psychiatry, providing information about residency programs and careers in psychiatry, and encourage interactions between students, faculty and the greater community. Through interactive events, didactic talks and community outreach, our primary goal is to generate excitement around the field of psychiatry and recognition for its wide-reaching implications in various aspects of medicine.

  • Ross University Sports Medicine Association

    Ross University Sports Medicine Association

  • Salybia Mission Project

    The Salybia Mission Project is a not-for-profit, non-religious, student run organization designed to provide meaningful health care for the indigenous peoples of Dominica. Run entirely by medical students at Ross University School of Medicine, SMP strives to improve the lives of the Kalinago people through our student run health clinics, individual volunteer projects, fundraisers, and scholarships - as well as our numerous Health Fairs and health education endeavors.

  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

    Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

  • Surgery Interest Group

    To acquaint and enlighten medical students as to the benefit of surgical treatment for clinical disorders.

  • Sikh Student Association (SSA)

Religious and Cultural Groups

  • Asian Student Association

    "The purpose of our organization is to provide the students of Ross University an opportunity to express their passion for Asian culture, develop long-lasting friendships, and strengthen their mind, body, and spirit while living in Barbados."

  • Canadian Students Society

    This is a group where Canadian students who attend Ross University School of Medicine can connect and share their experiences, ask questions or get updated on Canadian Medical Student related news.

  • Hindu Student Council

    Hindu Student Council is a club where we encourage unity through diversity, where we not only "hold events" and "celebrate festivals" but also provide a platform to exchange thoughts and share experiences.

  • Indian Students Association

    Indian Students Association

  • Jewish Student Association

    JSA provides all the RUSM students with the chance to celebrate and learn bout judaism. It is a safe place for Jewish students to openly profess their faith and share with other students who are interested in the Jewish culture.

  • Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

    Latin Medical Student Association was founded to Represent, Support, Educate and Unify Latino Medical Students. We strive to promote compassion and service, academic excellence and leadership opportunities among our regional members.

  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)

    The goal of MSA at Ross is to provide all students of Ross a venue where they can interact with Muslims. This organization was created to promote awareness and friendly relations with both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

  • Organization of African Students (OAS)

    We are a group representative of over 20 African countries and counting, and we aspire to serve as a support group and family away from home. We aim to make a bigger impact in the educational experiences of our current members and those to come. We make it a point of duty that members needing help have it available through our mentoring program. Also by working with other groups, we expose our members to the clinical side of medicine.

  • Ross Adventist Fellowship (RAF)

    Ross Adventist Fellowship (RAF)

  • Ross Catholic Student Association (RCSA)

    The Ross Catholic Student Association (RCSA) is a community of members - located at Ross University School of Medicine - who wish to continue and further their expression of faith according to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. We are an extension of the parish of Sts. John & Lewis in Portsmouth, Dominica, which is one of the local church communities of the Diocese of Roseau, Dominica.

  • Ross Christian Fellowship (RCF)

    Fellowship at Ross University School of Medicine, located on Barbados in the West Indies.

  • Sikh Student Association (SSA)

    The Sikh Student Association (SSA) at Ross University provides students with the opportunity to come together in a supportive environment and seeks to educate the RUSM community about Sikhism. Everyone, regardless of the religious beliefs they might have, are welcome to the club and its various events like weekly Rehraas Paath (Evening Sikh Prayer), Bhangra Night, Sikhi Presentation, Langar and more.

  • Phi Delta Epsilon (Epsilon Beta Chapter)

Miscellaneous Groups

  • In.Light.In

    The mission of in.Light.in is to provide the underprivileged children in Dominica a safe environment to play, worship, and have a healthy meal.

  • La Luz De Dominica

    To promote the physical and spiritual health of the Ross University students.

  • Phi Delta Epsilon (Epsilon Beta Chapter)

    Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a life-long commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.

  • Rhythm

    A dance club for the students of Ross University School of Medicine, where you will be exposed to a variety of international dance forms, get a stress-buster work out, and make countless new friends!

  • Ross Environmental Initiative

    A group of students organized to motivate sustainable differences on campus through mini projects supported by the environmental committee, SGA, and the university.

  • Ross Spouses Organization

    The Ross Spouse Organization (RSO) works to serve the families, significant others and loved ones of Ross University Medical School students and faculty. With a long heritage of spouses helping each other, we endeavor to facilitate a smooth transition to island life and create a fun and social environment while you're here.

  • Ross Spectrum Medical Alliance

    The Ross Spectrum Medical Alliance seeks to organize, defend, and serve the RUSM community as a whole. To that end, the group organizes events such as speaker series, educational films and activities, and social events supporting the LGBTQIA and allied community.

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