Rose-Claire St. Hilaire

Dr. Rose-Claire St. Hilaire received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Mississippi in 1998. After completion of her studies, Dr. St. Hilaire spent two years teaching high school in her native Dominica. Dr. St. Hilaire then began graduate studies at the Tulane University School of Medicine earning her PhD in Structural and Cellular Biology in 2007. Her research focused on understanding the mechanism of action of vasoactive intestinal peptide on vascular smooth muscle cells. Upon completion of her PhD she accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Pharmacology at Tulane University School of Medicine. She continued her research on vascular smooth muscle cells and also collaborated with the department of endocrinology on vascular changes in diabetes. As a post doctoral fellow she lectured in the medical histology course and also served as a lab director. Dr. St. Hilaire joined RUSM in September 2010 as a Master Educator Training Program (METP) fellow in the Department of Anatomy. After completion of the program she accepted a position as an instructor in the Department of Integrated Medical Education now the Department of Clinical Medicine. In September of 2014, Dr. St. Hilaire accepted a position in the Center for Teaching and Learning as an Assistant Professor.


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