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RUSM Medical School for Canadian Applicants

Medical Schools Abroad for Canadian Students

Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) is one of many accredited medical schools that attract prospective Canadian medical school applicants. Canadian medical students abroad often continue their medical careers in Canada after completing their medical education at RUSM. In addition to being eligible for residency training in Canada and the United States, RUSM graduates may also practice throughout both countries. 

RUSM Medical School Requirements for Canadian Students

As you consider studying abroad for medical school, you may be wondering whether your requirement as a Canadian student differs from other applicants. Thankfully, application steps for all RUSM students are the same. Here are the steps to apply to Ross University School of Medicine:

  1. Be sure you meet the medical school admissions requirements
  2. After taking the MCAT, complete the RUSM online application.
  3. Send any supplemental documents.

If you’re ready to become a Canadian studying medicine abroad, here is where you can learn more about our application process


We pride ourselves on the accomplishments of our Canadian students. Since 2012, 65 RUSM Canadian students have earned residencies across Canada, and 627 others have earned residencies in the United States. 

RUSM Residency Highlights

Institutions and types of residencies that Canadian students have earned since 2012:

Institution Residency Type
Dalhousie University Cardiac Surgery 
Family Medicine
McMaster University Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland  Anatomical Pathology
Northern Ontario School of Medicine Family Medicine
University of Alberta Family Medicine
University of British Columbia Family Medicine
University of Calgary Family Medicine
University of Manitoba Anesthesiology
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine 
General Surgery
University of Saskatchewan Family Medicine
General Surgery
Western University Family Medicine
Internal Medicine

Student Support

The RUSM Approach

Students receive the support they need from a support hub dedicated to their success. RUSM offers each student a team of advisors, including clinical and financial aid advisors, writers, and student advocates.

  • The RUSM basic sciences curriculum, called Foundations of Medicine, mixes traditional classroom-based learning with clinically relevant hands-on activities. It is designed to prepare students for licensure and practice in the United States or Canada.
  • Ross Med is affiliated with 28 teaching hospitals throughout the United States.

RUSM has entered into a partnership agreement with Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Bishop’s University is an English-language university that offers a selection of more than 100 study programs. The partnership agreement with RUSM allows eligible Canadian students who completed their undergraduate degree at Bishop’s University a pathway to enter the RUSM medical program.

Under this Agreement RUSM will provide certain benefits set forth below to Eligible Individuals who apply to and attend RUSM. “Eligible Individuals” are defined as students who have graduated from Institution within five (5) years and who meet the following qualifications: 

  1. An overall Grade Point Average (or equivalency) of 3.2 or higher; 

  2. A cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher in all courses designated as pre-requisites for admission by RUSM; 

  3. No grade below C (or equivalent) in any pre-requisite course designated by RUSM;

    1. Biology: 1 year (6 lecture credits), including laboratory (BIO 196/BIL 196, BIO 205/BIL 205) 
    2. General Chemistry: 1 year (6 lecture credits), including laboratory (CHM 191/CHL191, CHM 192/CHL 192)
    3. Organic Chemistry: 1 year (6 lecture credits), including laboratory. Biochemistry can be used to substitute for organic chemistry (CHM 111/CHL 111, CHM 211/CHL 211, BCH 313 
    4. General Physics: 1 year (6 lecture credits), including laboratory. Statistics or Calculus can be substituted for Physics (any two of PHY 191/PHL 193, PHY 193/PHL 193, MAT 191, MAT 192, MAT 197, MAT 198, PHY 101) v. English: 1 year (6 lecture credits), (any two ENG – coded courses or course classified as writing intensive with at least 40% written component as one of the assignments). 
  4. All pre-requisite coursework must have been completed within ten years of the date of student application to RUSM. 

  5. Pre-requisite course substitutions and/or exceptions may be granted at the sole discretion of the RUSM Faculty Admissions Committee. 

  6. A cumulative score of 490 or higher on the MCAT exam, and minimum section scores of:

    1. 123 or greater for Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; Page 9 of 10
    2. 122 or greater for Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems;
    3. 120 or greater for Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills; and iv. 120 or greater for Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.
  7. Must have two Letters of Recommendation, and other minimum admissions requirements required of RUSM’s students as set forth at

  8. Under extraordinary circumstances, RUSM, in its sole discretion, may consider student applicants whose qualifications fall below the threshold qualifications set forth above. 

  9. Both Parties agree that they will promptly inform the other of any substantive changes in academic requirements, course or programs of study or any other change that may affect this Agreement.

  10. Except where prohibited by law, RUSM will waive application fees for Eligible Individuals who apply to RUSM.

  11. RUSM will guarantee an admissions interview for Eligible Individuals, as defined in the Exhibit A, Section B.

  12. Eligible individuals, as defined in Exhibit A, Section B who apply to RUSM and are accepted, will be evaluated for academic scholarships at the time of admission. Eligible individuals will be provided with information on the availability and criteria for other scholarships within 2 weeks of acceptance.

  13. RUSM will provide Institution with data identifying alumni who have enrolled or graduated from RUSM and consented to disclosure of such information at least once per year or upon request.

  14. Academically accepted international or Canadian students (defined as non-U.S. citizens and not having access to FAFSA funding) will receive the following benefits:

    1. Medical School Scholarships | RUSM School of Medicine ( subject to student maintaining Scholarship Eligibility; 
    2. Bishop’s University Partner Scholarship – One-time $7,500 USD awarded for the first semester of enrollment at RUSM; 
    3. In Barbados, partner school students will receive a one-time, first semester housing grant up to a value of $4,040 USD and house at Coverley House or where RUSM can accommodate.

For more information, contact:
Catherine Millar-Burt
Associate Director, Student and University Partnerships

Financial Aid
  • For information about the loans, scholarships, and grants available in your province, please visit the Canadian Government’s official website for the Student Assistance Program (SAP).

  • Canadian students may be eligible for loans through the Canadian government and/or private loan programs. For more information, please refer to the Financial Planning Guide for Canadian Students[PDF].

  • For more information, please call 732-509-3051 or email

  • Please note that Ross only accepts U.S. currency for payment.

Canadian Student Society

The Canadian Student Society offers important information, such as exam preparation, visa requirements, and peer advisement on rotations, to Canadian medical students wishing to practice medicine in Canada as well as provide free workshops to any member of the RUSM community. 

Ross University School of Medicine Canadian Alumni Stories

Kristen Bortolin
Pediatrics At Western University

“I still can’t believe I matched in Canada,” she says. “I am so honored to have been chosen to train at [Western].”

Rachelle Krause
Internal Medicine At University Of Toronto

"The rigor of the program is top-notch, and you are exposed to so many different medical scenarios and
cultures—more than you would be at any other school."

Faculty headshot
Neurology At University Of Toronto

"You really focus on your schooling and education, and [Ross] teaches you a real respect for the field. And sometimes, I do miss waking up and wearing shorts every day."

Faculty headshot
Outpatient Physician At Primecare Medical Clinic, British Columbia

"The education that I received was top quality, and the professors had our best interests—as well as that of our future patients—at heart."

Sports Medicine Fellowship At University Of Ottawa

“I took the determination I needed as an athlete, and put it into medicine,” he said. “I’ve got to say I worked pretty hard, but I enjoyed my time; and I enjoyed some of the stuff the island had to offer.”

Contact Us

Catherine Millar-Burt

Associate Director, Student and University Partnerships- Canada

Suji Jeong

Associate Director, Student and University Partnerships- Canada

Canadian Student Society

The Canadian Student Society offers important information, such as exam preparation, visa requirements, and peer advisement on rotations, to Canadian medical students wishing to practice medicine in Canada as well as provide free workshops to any member of the RUSM community.