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Office of Career Advisement

The Office of Career Advisement (OCA) supports students when navigating the residency application process.  OCA offers one-to-one advising services, preparation of important residency application documents and guidance and resources on how to build a competitive residency application.

The Office of Career Advisement understands the residency application landscape and works closely with each student to help build a residency application that aligns with their future career goals. 

OCA career advisors assist students when preparing to enter the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP®) and/or specialty matches and provide the necessary credentials for a successful application. The OCA also provides information that can be helpful in determining the specialties that best suit a student’s academic interest and performance and advises on interview skills, the residency application process, and successful approaches that will represent each student best.

Office of Career Advisement

Ross University School of Medicine

10315 USA Today Way,
Miramar, Florida, 33025.
Phone: 754-208-4593 
Fax: 732-509-4820