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As a medical school student, your primary focus will be on your studies; however, your fellow Rossies can attest to the fact that it is important to take a break every now and again to rest and recharge, and enjoy the communal atmosphere of our student-centered campus.

Ross University School of Medicine clubs

Ross students have the opportunity to participate in more than 40 clubs and organizations. No matter where your interest lies, you’re sure to find a group or activity to join—and if not, we encourage you to step up and start a new one. With a student body as diverse and spirited as ours, there’s always something new and interesting going on!

Ross Med Clubs

American Medical Women’s Association

The American Medical Women’s Association aims to foster an enriching environment for women in science and the medical profession.

We hope to give back to the community through a variety of events spreading awareness about women’s health issues.



The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education;

involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.cebookInstagram.


Anesthesiology Student Association


Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons (AWS), founded in 1981, is a not-for-profit educational and professional organization.

With over 1,800 members, AWS is one of the largest organizations dedicated to enhancing the interaction and exchange of information between women surgeons. Truly an international organization, AWS has members in 21 countries. MISSION: To inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.


Black Male Doctors

The Black Male Doctors aspires to serve as a support center for students of all origins, with a special focus on black male students and students of African-American descent.

As a student organization at Ross University School of Medicine, the Black Male Doctor’s Association will support its members academically, culturally, and socially by providing activities and events to which its members can relate.


Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group at Ross University School of Medicine seeks to convene aspiring physicians interested in the field of family medicine.


Indian Medical Student Association

The Indian Medical Student Association is a student-run organization that allows for students of Indian descent as well as students interested in Indian cultures and traditions to unite under one common organization.

Our main goals are to bring the RUSM community closer through holding social events for cultural awareness, fundraising for the underprivileged community, and working in conjunction with other South Asian organizations.

Ross Med Clubs

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The mission of Ross Internal Medicine Association is to introduce medical students to the field of internal medicine, provide them with hands on opportunities, and improve healthcare services in Barbados.

Ross Med Clubs

Jewish Student Association


Latino Medical Student Association

The purpose of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) shall be:

A.) To provide support and guidance to Latino and Hispanic students aspiring to acquire professional degrees.

B.) To provide volunteer opportunities for RUSM students to serve and bring awareness about our culture.

C.) To develop cultural competence within the RUSM community to facilitate interactions with the Latino/Hispanic population.

D.) To educate the entire RUSM community on the unique needs and issues in the Latino community.



The RUSM LGBTQIA Alliance seeks to organize, defend, and serve the RUSM community as a whole. To that end, the group organizes events such as speaker series, educational films and activities, and social events supporting the LGBTQIA and allied community.

An important goal of our Alliance is to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA and their allies. As well, we are actively involved in reforming the medical curriculum to equip new medical health leaders with knowledge, experience, and understanding to be advocates for LGBTQIA health equality.

Ross Med Clubs

Nephrology Interest Group

Ross Nephrology Interest Group is designed to bring like-minded students of RUSM together in the interest of nephrology related medicine and bring awareness to the RUSM community on various nephrological diseases.

It is a chance to come together to share ideas, events, and share our interest in such a rewarding discipline of medicine.


Neurology Student Interest Group

We are an active group committed to building interest in the field of Neurology. This involves bringing students with similar interests in Neurology together to explore various aspects within the field while also expanding their knowledge and interest through multiple events.


OB/GYN Interest Group

The purpose/mission statement of this club shall be to be devoted to the disciplines of clinical reproductive medicine and to creating awareness about the continual evolution of women’s health in today’s practice.

Phi Delta Epsilon

Phi Delta Epsilon, International Medical Fraternity

The Epsilon Beta chapter at Ross University School of Medicine follows all rules and regulations of the International Fraternity.

Ross Med Clubs

Ross Academic Research Society

In order to achieve the RARS Vision and educate students on evidence-based medical practice, RARS will: Organize faculty panel discussions, workshops, case report presentations and case studies that will help students understand the importance of evidence-based medical practice.

Organize and/or advertise meetings that will help facilitate discussion on current published research and the applicability to medical practice.

Create opportunities for student involvement in new and ongoing research projects at RUSM.

Ross Med Band

Ross Band

A group to join for those who would like to practice and perform music.

A means for the Ross community to enjoy various musical events put on by the Ross Band and promoted by its members.

A collection of people to contact for any music related questions or requests.

A way for RUSM to interact with its surrounding area in a musical way. An opportunity for members to form musical groups with their peers.


Ross Catholic Student Association

The Ross Catholic Student Association – RCSA – is a community of persons gathered together to further the development of their spiritual, physical, and intellectual lives according to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church on the Campus of the Ross University School of Medicine in Barbados.


Ross Christian Fellowship

Ross Christian Fellowship (RCF) exists to nurture spiritual growth among believers of all Christian denominations and to ensure that our love for each other reaches everyone on our campus, as well as into the Barbados community.


Ross Emergency Medicine Association

The purpose of the Ross Emergency Medicine Interest Group is to provide clinical skills and emergency care experiences to its members, in a professional learning environment.

Ross Med Clubs

Ross Nutrition and Exercise Club

The purpose of the Nutrition and Exercise Club is to bring a healthy, affordable lifestyle to future doctors now so that they can share firsthand information with their patients in the future on how to overcome dietary and exercise hurdles.

The Nutrition and Exercise club will work towards this objective by inviting speakers, organizing activities or service projects, and providing workshops to members that will enhance members’ understanding of the relationship between diet, exercise, and the healthy patient.

Ross Med Clubs

Ross Oncology Student Association

The mission of the Ross Oncology Student Association (ROSA) is to provide students with the education and opportunity to foster an interest in the field by facilitating interactions with physicians, researchers, mentors, and cancer patients.

ROSA also strives to work with the local community to raise awareness and funds towards improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancers in Barbados.


Ross Organization of African Students

We are a group representative of over 20 African countries (and counting) and we aspire to serve as a support group or family away from home. We aim to make a bigger impact in the educational experiences of our current members and those to come.

We make it a point of duty that members seeking help can receive it through our mentoring and academic review programs.


Ross Spouses Organization

RSO works to serve the companions of the RUSM community. Our goal is to support RUSM companions by:

  1. Providing information and resources to meet the needs of companions and to help them adjust to life as a RUSM
  2. Fostering a unified sense of community and social support network for companions, and
  3. Advocating to RUSM on behalf of companions
Ross Med Clubs

Ross University Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association at Ross University School of Medicine seeks to establish, maintain, and support the Muslim students and other students of faith attending Ross University. We also aim to provide safe and comfortable spaces of prayer and meditation while also helping to cultivate interest in medicine through the lens of Islam.


Ross University Pediatric Student Association

The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) at Ross University School of Medicine seeks to provide health education and support to the pediatric population of Barbados.

Through events that promote physical activity, healthy eating habits, and regular medical check-ups, we ensure that the children of Barbados have access to the necessary resources and information to lead successful, healthy lives. PIG also raises funds for the Children’s Heart Fund in Dominica.

Psych Club

Ross University Psychiatry Association (RUPA)

The Ross University Psychiatry Association aims to introduce students to the discipline of psychiatry, provide information about residency programs and careers in psychiatry, and to encourage interactions between students, faculty, and the greater community.

Through interactive events, didactic talks and community outreach, our primary goal is to generate excitement around the field of psychiatry and recognition for its wide-reaching implications in various aspects of medicine. And through all this, to help others who are really dedicated to the field of psychiatry.


RUSM Cardiology Association

The aims of the Cardiology Association include but are not limited to:

Assisting RUSM students expand their knowledge in the field of Cardiology, provide communication and promote the relationship between Ross University School of Medicine students interested in Cardiology and the student body, arrange presentations on relevant topics including potential careers in Cardiology, clinical revision sessions, volunteering opportunities and research involvement.



Ross University School of Medicine Emergency Medical Services Interest Group (RUSM EMS) is a student organization devoted to educating all students as RUSM on prehospital, disaster, wilderness, and tactical medicine.

Secondarily, as a way to continue our historical mission of providing healthcare to all members of the Ross family, RUSM EMS Interest Group is dedicated to seeking out students with prior Allied Health professional education and using their expertise to train and educate as many students as possible about prehospital, wilderness, and disaster medicine.


RUSM Gastroenterology Interest Group

RUSM Gastroenterology Interest Group is designed to enlighten the student body on the careers of gastroenterology & apply academic knowledge to a clinical setting.

Ross Med Clubs

RUSM Pathology Association

RUSM Pathology Interest Group is designed to enlighten the student body on the careers of pathology & apply academic knowledge to a clinical setting.

Ross Med Clubs

RUSM Radiology Interest Group

Our goal is to help preclinical students, to explore the field of Radiology and imaging. The RUSM Radiology Interest Group, will provide opportunities to learn about the field and its many modalities, such as X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Vascular Interventional Radiography, as well as a widespread use of medical imaging across all specialties and subspecialties of medicine.

For those wishing to pursue a career in radiology, the organization will provide information on applying to radiology residencies through guest speakers and faculty. Also for those who may lean toward any other field of medicine will have the opportunity to properly read and identify pathologies through imaging.

Scuba Club

RUSM Scuba Club


Salybia Mission Project

Salybia Mission Project is a not-for-profit, secular, student run organization designed to provide meaningful health care for the indigenous peoples of Dominica.


Sports Medicine Interest Group

The purpose/mission statement of this club shall be to apply fundamentals of medicine in sports related injuries and increase exposure to the sports medicine field to the Ross University student body.


Student National Medical Association


Surgery Interest Group

The purpose/mission statement of this club shall be to continuously strengthen the basic skills required to prepare all students for their surgical rounds and necessary procedural techniques for the field of surgery.

To bring together students who share a passion or curiosity for the art of surgery and enlighten them to the most recent advances in the field. Finally, to encourage service and philanthropy to our local community in order to better the health of everyone around us.

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